Deuterium in the Philippines


Deuterium in the Philippines

Deuterium in the Philippines

“Philippines can be the richest country in the world, due to its vast deuterium and oil fields including its mineral resources”

Para sa kaalaman ng karamihan at para malaman niyo na rin ang dahilan kung bakit nanggigil ang Tsina at iba pang bansang pilit na gumagawa ng paraan na panghimasukan ang interes, ekononomiya at teritoryo ng ating bansa. Dagdag pa ang mga pulitikong may mga personal na interes kaya nangungunyapit sa kapangyarihan at halos lahat ay gustong maging pangulo ng Pilipinas.

Wag po nating hayaang mapasakamay ng mga walang malasakit ang pamumuno sa ating bansa, kailangan natin ang mga mamumunong may labis na pagmamahal sa bayan…

Sana’y maging daan ito upang mamulat, magising at magkaisa ang liping Pilipino, nasa atin po ang solusyon para sa ikauunlad, ikakaginhawa nating lahat…


Deuterium in The Philippines may Generate $30B per year Income

I have scanned through the internet and I found this write up a few years ago about Deuterium in the Philippines. The Author , however, has not revealed his identity. It looks interesting anyway, so I share this article.

International Press Release

By: (name of proponent withheld)
Metro Manila , Philippines

HYDROGEN from Water was predicted by Jules Verne in 1874 to be the fuel of the future. During World War II, Germany used V-2 Rocket Bombs propelled by HYDROGEN. Now, Dr. Jacob Bigeleisen discovered that at room temperature or under atmospheric condition, DEUTERIUM ATOMS are electrolyzed naturally out of water in the form of HYDROGEN gas. This natural phenomenal process needs no expensive electric power consuming electrolysis to artificially separate HYDROGEN from OXYGEN in Water.

What is DEUTERIUM? Deuterium is HEAVY WATER or HYDROGEN WATER without oxygen. This is obtained from the deep trenches of the World and the World’s largest DEPOSIT OF DEUTERIUM is IN THE PHILIPPINES – A big deposit of 868 miles long, 52 miles at widest point, and 3 miles at deepest point, replenished by nature 24 hours a day after Deuterium traveled more than 12,000 kilometers from Central America to the Philippines through the span of the Pacific Ocean when Planet Earth turns on its axis from West to East in unending perpetual motion.


Deuterium is used in the production of (Hydrogen) Li-Hy Fuel now used in Canada , America , Germany and some parts of Sweden to provide fuel for cars, trucks, jet planes, etc. including solid Hydrogen for Spacecrafts Challenger and Columbia . Deuterium can replace gasoline, LPG, LNG, Avgas, etc. in powering all types of internal combustion engines. It does not emit pollutants or any harmful carbon monoxide and does not cause any environmental problems because it is in the water family as emissions are nothing but water vapor or steam. Deuterium as Hydrogen Fuel can be used for cooking, lighting, heating, and as Heavy Water fuel for Reactors in electric power generation.

Why does Deuterium electrolyze out of water in the form of Hydrogen Gas? It electrolyzes out of water in the form of Hydrogen gas because Deuterium is CONCENTRATED HYDROGEN with element symbol, H2 (Hydrogen mass of 2 as distinguished from H2O in Water) subjected to the pressure of water mass at the ocean floor of about 10,000 psi or more because Deuterium obtained from depths of more than 7,000 meters below sea level and at more than 10,000 psi pressure causes the oxygen in water to disengage, separate and escape naturally from hydrogen leaving only Hydrogen isotopes to combine with other Hydrogen isotopes in forming Deuterium under pressure. And Deuterium under pressure, when exposed to room temperature or atmospheric condition, forms or electrolyzes naturally into Hydrogen Gas, in the same manner that LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in LIQUID state transform into gas after fusion process with air in the atmosphere the moment LPG or LNG tank valves are turned on or opened. By taking out impurities from Deuterium, Li-Hy Fuel is produced by special simple process at very, very low cost known to this proponent and his associates. Cheap Hydrogen will reactivate all idled Hydrogen Based Industries internationally affected by high petroleum costs, and this will boost food, chemical, and metal industries worldwide.


Through intensive research and development on oceanographic data and processes with foreign associates, the proponent discovered that concentrated Hydrogen exists only about one centimeter thick in every 3,000 meters deep of water mass at the ocean floor.

Because Deuterium more than twice the weight of ordinary water, it sinks and in the process, OXYGEN separates naturally from Hydrogen when the pressure becomes about 10,000 psi or more. The usual ocean floor depth ranges between 2,000 meters to 3,000 meters. With the Philippine Trench at 7,000 meters to 10,500 meters deep, Deuterium is naturally trapped through the ages untapped by man through this day, replenished by nature through the North Equatorial Current Tidal Flow from more than 12,000 kilometers away in Central America to the Philippines hitting the Philippine Trench

The one and only Trench with the widest and longest resource flow of Deuterium in the whole world!

This proponent presented in March 1986 the Deuterium Project to the Philippines and American Governments in his desire to help the People of the Philippines and its Government, by introducing an internationally accepted production-sharing scheme. This is the 40/40/20 production-sharing scheme. 40% of daily production revenue goes to the Government, 40% goes to the Investors, and 20% is retained or set aside to cover the cost of security, operation, management, administration, salaries and wages, materials, supplies, repairs and maintenance, and other operation costs.

The Philippine Government would not put in any investment funds but the following:

1) Land and Export Processing Zone or EPSA;
2) Tax and Duty Free Operation, and
3) Security of Investments with Government Guarantee

There are several lands belonging to the Government along the areas of proposed sites. The Law on Export Processing Zone can be used to declare selected sites as EPSA, the Law providing a built-in Tax and Duty Free arrangements with the Government. The Security of Investments are provided for by the Omnibus Investment Act, the Investments Law, the Constitution of the Philippines (past, present, and proposed) guarantee the Constitutional Rights to Properties and Due Process, including just compensation. The Government MUST GUARANTEE enforcement of these laws.

Foreign Investors have been informed that all funds would have to be provided by them on the following items:

1) Funds for Research and Development;
2) Mobilization Costs and Recruitment;
3) Engineering, Development and Construction Costs;
4) Equipment, Pumping, Storage, Loading facilities and other industrial project costs

The 20% production sharing revenue would be set aside and be used for Security, Management, Administration, salaries and wages, materials, supplies, transportation and housing personnel, food, medical supplies, and other operational costs in order to preserve and not disturb the 40% production revenue sharing for each of the Government, and the Investors’ shares. By maintaining this production revenue sharing ratio, future disagreements and irritants are avoided. A built-in protection for the Government and the Investors, which is strongly recommended by the proponent on the basis of the ARAMCO experience.


Using the ARAMCO experience since the 1950s for rapid development, the
foreign investors shall have the first option to buy or sell the daily production of Deuterium at preset price of US$7.00 per barrel. This would give a marketable Gas Station Retail Price of only Php0.90 or US$0.45 per liter or US$0.15 per gallon of Li-Hy Fuel from Deuterium. In effect, the investors buy, after discounting their 40% sharing or at 40% less, at only US$4.20 per barrel giving them more flexibility on their international market pricing policies.

This Hydrogen Fuel gives twice the mileage economy of gasoline or LPG/LNG fed cars. Old gasoline fed cars can be converted to Li-Hy Fuel use by utilizing the same conversion kits used in converting gasoline fed engines to LPG/LNG fed units. Brand new cars have been made to use LPG/LNG fuel more than ten years ago and the same car engines can use Li-Hy Fuel.

In Japan and Canada , there are about 78% brand new cars running on LNG or LPG. The same brand new units can use Li-Hy Fuel, which is more economical fuel than any other available in the international market today. Hydrogen Fuel does not emit any pollutants or harmful carbon monoxide but steam or water vapor.


This proponent conducted intensive studies on Research, Development, Philippine Investments Law, Corporation Code, organization, security, management,administration, operation, marketing, including the breakthrough in Pump Technology with his associates.
This breakthrough in Pump Technology will use Hydrodynamic Power in pumping Deuterium from more than 7,000 meters below sea level.

The U.S. Government sent an Investment Mission last June 1986 to the Philippines and initial conferences were held with Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) of Washington , D.C. , USA with the participation of Government Officials and private businessmen in Manila . A meeting with Trade and Industry Minister Jose Concepcion was held during President Corazon C. Aquino’s trip to USA last September 1986. Another meeting is scheduled this December 1986 in Washington D.C. with Deputy
Minister Tomas Alcantara. Major U.S. investors are expected to attend and participate. OPIC Mission has scheduled a series of February 1987 conferences in Manila with Deuterium Project as the banner line of publication agenda. International Investors are expected to attend the technical presentation conferences in Manila in 1987.

The Japanese Group of Investors is composed of the top eight industrial companies, which will form a consortium to undertake a 4 million barrels capacity per day of Deuterium production.

A Saudi Group visited the Philippines in September and October 1986 and was interested in a 2 million barrels daily production capacity of Deuterium.

With the two top U.S. oil companies interested in a 6 million barrels capacity, Japanese investors in a 4 million barrels capacity, and the Saudi Group in a 2 million barrels daily production capacity, the total prospective investors inquiries so far received is 12 million barrels daily production. The Philippines can supply all the requirements of the WHOLE WORLD in Deuterium as Hydrogen Fuel and as Hydrogen for food, hemical, and metal industries worldwide.


Hydrogen from Deuterium is the fuel of the future available in the Philippines . This needs the transfer of high technology in pumping and refining processes. The proponent has developed with an American Pump Engineer a new breakthrough in pump technology using HYDRODYNAMIC POWER by employing the RAM JET SUCTION TECHNOLOGY in the same manner that Jet Planes use the RAM JET PROPULSION to propel heavy loaded jet planes today. Storage system will use the underground Tunnel Type Tanks in lieu of the surface tank farm. Loading System will use the same types as those for LPG and LNG Systems.


Subject to the refinements of cost data, project line items and other factors, the Rule of Thumb Investment Estimates is about US$200,000,000.00 for every 1,000,000 barrels daily production capacity – a very much lower Investment/Capacity ratio than Petroleum production.
At 12 million barrels per day capacity, the estimated total investment is US$2,400,000,000.00 or US$2.4 billion – the single largest industrial investment in the Philippines .


As the Feasibility Study on the Project has been started, this proponent estimates that the Deuterium Project’s combined production capacities will employ no less than 350,000 personnel of international pay rates and allowances for unskilled, semi-skilled, technical, and professional levels from the Philippines . Less than 2,000 foreign nationals will also be employed on the transfer of technology. The type of operation is the same as those in the Middle East petroleum production facilities, with the same pay rates so as not to disturb international energy pricing and economy of costs.


At 12 million barrels per day capacity priced at US$7.00 per barrel, this is US$84 million per day or US$30.66 billion per year, enough to wipe out all existing foreign debts of the Government in one year, revenue-wise in Foreign Exchange.

Public works, private construction, economic and financial booms are expected to happen in the Philippines in the same manner as those which happened in the Middle East and financial centers of the world from 1974 to 1984, with everybody earning their respective comfortable livelihood, while pricing basic prime necessities at reasonable and affordable levels.

Deuterium and Hydrogen Fuel is the final and lasting hope of the Filipino People and the Government to be great again. This untapped source of energy supply will make the Philippines one of the richest country in the world.


  1. Actually the topic regarding deuterium was discover in military journal on 1984 it was in naval base in Saudi Arabia. I heard some story regarding deuterium lately in 1986 there was some discussion and meeting of investors and even the public officials of Philippine government in Washington.

    During our previous government the discussion regarding the profit sharing is very critical in the Philippines government they suggest to make it 60/40 and the investors are not agreed they idea. On 1986 they agreed to make it 40/40/20 the 20% will retain for salary and other miscellaneous purposes.

  2. The government should be serious in this info, or its now o never, we should remember other rich countries are having high technology capable of diving and do research deep into our seas.We don’t know matagal na tong hinigop o naghihigop pa lang.

  3. ang tanong ko po may naimbento na po bang processo/kagamitan para maextract ang deuterium considering po na napakalakas ng pressure sa deep trenches kung saan ito nakadeposito?

  4. Tama ang balitang mayroon tayong deuterium deposit sa Surigao deep o Philippine deep sea. Taong 1994 napasama ako sa isang tanyag na kompanya ( GECO SCHLUMBERGER) na naghahanap sa dagat ng langis. Sa panahong iyon nakadaupang palad ko ang kasamahan naming British scientist na kung tawagin namin ay partyy chief at sya mismo ang nagkwento sa amin ang tungkol sa deutirium dahil kasama sya na tumuklas sa nasabing deutirium. Sa kanyang bibig mismo nagmula na ang ating bansang PilipInas ang sususnod na the NEXT SUPER POWER.At lalong tumibay ang paniniwala namin taong 1997 mula Europe hanggang USA ang front page ng mga pahayagan doon PHILIPPINES THE NEXT SUPER POWER……..manalig tayo. IN GOD WE TRUST.,.

  5. I agree with people saying that this was kept secret till the time is right for the Filipino people to come together and be united to stave off any foreign or domestic incursions. With the way the Phillippines is right now politically and economically I don’t think it’s the right time. Only when we have overthrown our so called ‘elected government officials’ that are working for their masters and self interests, can we only even start discussing the possibility of such an extravagant undertaking. For the people who keep saying we don’t have the technology to extract the heavy water, this is false. If u are using metal pipes yes it will burst and collapse because of the pressure. Maybe instead of using metal, think like water. How about using non permeable membrane fabric sink it down to the depth of the heavy water then with the same fabric use a pump that will equalize the pressure of the depth of the water pressure and then suck it up. Fabric will not burst it will open up like a pipe with an external pressurizer that accompanies it to the depth of the heavy water. I believe extracting this resource is the easiest part of the whole process. The hardest part is giving the wealth to the Filipino people. I mean literally. Giving them equally including the government officials who are after all people as well. The Filipino people will have to elect a true leader with no self interest to get rich and work for the people. A government that listens and fear its people, not the people fearing the latter. Sometimes looking at the history of most nations, I think governments shouldn’t even be an entity of a nation for they often get corrupted by their own greeds. I hope the process of getting a true leader is soon to be materialized, so that the our country can prosper so we can help each other and let our dreams be realized.

    Orionthehunter ;P

  6. Matthew 6:33…gusto nyong yumaman at matupad ang pangarap para sa luipang hinirang …SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU …PEDE bang mangyari ang mga pinaguusapan natin dito ANAG DEUTERIUM….ask and it shall be given seek and you shall find knock knock knock on heaven’s door …AND IT WILL BE OPEN …pag di natin ginawa komo natugurian tayong Kristianong bansa na natatangi sa ASIA….eh hindi natin makakamit ang mga inaambisyong pangarap …sama sama tayong DILAT at TUNGANGA…alisin ang puro paguusap ng sobra ..MANALANGIN ,LUMUHOD AT MAGPAKUMBABA ,LUMAPIT SA DIOS AT MAGBALIK LOOB ,PEDE BA TAYONG HINDI PAKINGGAN NG DIOS EH MAHAL NYA TAYO …KAYA TARA SURIIN ANG SARILI …BAKA YUN LANG ANG KULANG PARA BUMUHOS NA NG TODO ANG PAGPAPALA SA PILIPINAS NATING MAHAL…WAG ng magmatigas ng loob ,PARA SA GANON ANG MGA ANAK NATIN O APO AY MAKARANAS NA NG GINHAWA O BAKA MASAMA PA TAYO ..PAGPALAIN TAYONG LAHAT NG DIOS …BELIEVE FIRST THEN YOU WILL SEE …..HINDI TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE…


  7. Hindi lang ang langis na iyan ang inilaan ng ating mahal nating Panginoon sa atin na mga mamayang filipino dahil hindi ninyo alam mayroong inilaang pera sa atin si Amang Dr. Jose Rizal na nakadiposito sa mga malalaking bangko at korporasyon sa buong mundo at magmula pa noon hinatulan siya ng kamatayan ng mga kastila sa bagumbayan ay hindi pa nakukuha ang mga tinutubo hanggang sa ngayon. Hindi pa napapanahon na ang mga kayamanang iyan ay mapapasakamay na sa atin na mga Filipino dahil siya mismo ang mangangasiwa sa kanyang pagbabalik.Ang nasabi pa niya sa ay lahat daw ng mga bansang sumakop sa atin noon pang unang panahon na nagnakaw ng kayamanan ng Filipinas ay kanilang ibabalik lahat iyan ang sinabi ni Amang Dr. Jose Rizal sa akin kaya magiging pinakamayamang bansa ang Filipinas sa takdang panahon.Hindi lamang langis o salapi ni Amang Dr. Jose Rizal ang inilaan niya sa atin kasama narin ang mga ginto niyang nakadiposito sa mga malalaking bangko at korporasyon at mga gintong itinago ng mga dayuhan sa Filipinas na hindi na nil matagpuan dahil naging engkantuna at walang maaring kumuha kung di ang mahal nating Amang Dr. Jose Rizal na siyang ating g Panginoon.Mahirap ninyong paniwalaan itong nasabi ko ngunit ito ay magaganap at hindi na magtatagal mga kababayan at atin ng matittikman ang lahat ng mga biyayang inilaan niya sa atin at kanya na niyang ipagkakaloob lahat sa atin ng ating mahal na Ama sa kaniyang pangalawang pagkabuhay at pagbabalik dito sa lupa na siya ng maghahari sa buong sanglibutan.

  8. panu madedevelop yan, eh wala namang submarine ang pilipinas na lulubog ng ganun kalalim sa philippine deep sea.. pambili na nga lang ng fertilizer kinukurakot pa. panu pa yung pag provide ng million dolllar submarine. asa pa tayo jan.

  9. the deuterium deposit is a myth

    first of all, deuterium can be distilled/electrolyzed out of ordinary water. it is present in very small quantities in normal water. its not been proven that such a deposit of deuterium exists. there is no reliable scientific paper of someone sending a drone submersible or a simple long rope with a weight down there and getting a sample of water then testing it and showing large concentrations of deuterium. most likely ocean currents would negate the tendency of heavy water to sink. even if it does exist, since the philippine trench is soooo deep its quite expensive to get. It might be cheaper to just get it from normal water

    second, even if we have large quantities of heavy water, heck even if we have large quantities of deuterium, what are you gonna do with it? you can burn it yes but it burns just like normal hydrogen so you might as well burn normal hydrogen which is much easier to acquire. the only rationale for deuterium is for use in nuclear fusion. And practical nuclear fusion reactors dont exist yet

    thirdly, its really not true that heavy water spontaneously dissociates into deuterium and oxygen. if it were so it would bubble like sprite/7 up. we have many videos and pictures of people playing with heavy water like making heavy water ice cubes that sink in normal water. and we dont see any bubbling as those heavy water ice cubes melt.

    gas hydrates such as methane hydrates or methane clathrate (see the Methane clathrate article on wikipedia) do spontaneously release methane when heated or when subjected to reduced pressure. and the methane can burn. but gas hydrates are not common in areas near the philippines. they are more seen in colder seas near the poles

  10. sa totoo lang dati ng mayaman ang ating bansa ,tinawag nga tayo ng Perlas Ng Silangan eh,dahil sa likas na yaman,
    ang problema lang ,ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno natin , mga kawatan pag dating sa pera, ito ang dahilan kaya tayo
    naghihirap ngaun,
    kung sakali kaya ma develop yang deuterium deposit sa atind bansa sigurado kaya na maaahon tayo sa kahirapan
    baka yung mga gahaman lang na politiko ang makinabang jan,

  11. get rid of the corrupt govt. officials from the president down to the mayor.elect new and honest officials,then make a law –graft and corruption is punishable by firing squad..then get foreign investors to develop our oil and dueterium minerals in the country.then we can prosper.

  12. Huwag na tayong magtataka mga kababayan dahil lahat ng mga kayamanan ng ating bansang Filipinas ay kaloob lahat ng iyan sa atin ng ating mahal na Ama sa kaitaasan at iyan ang regalo niya sa ating mga pagsasakripisyong pananalangin sa ating mahal nating Panginoon at kanya tayong ginantimpalaan ng lubos lubos na kayamanan at hindi mauubos kahit kailan.Darating ang panahon sa ng ating mahal na Ama sa akin na matitigang na lahat ang mga langis sa Middle East at sa Filipinas na silang lahat aangkat ng langis at dito na aangat ang ating bansang filipinas at mapapawina ang kahirapan ng buhay lahat ng mga mamayang filipino iyan ang nasabi sa akin ng ating mahal na
    Ama.Malapit na ang katuparan tignan ninyo ang mga nangyayari sa buong mundo laluna sa ating bayang Filipinas matindi iyang lahat ay hudyatna na ang mahal na Ama ay paparating na.Marami pa tayong dadanasin na pagsubok dito sa lupa bago natin makakamtan ang paraisong pamumuhay kapiling natin ang ating mahal Panginoon sa kanyang kaharian sa Bagong Jerusalem.Wala ng mamasukan na filipino sa ibang bansa bagkus tayo narin ang kanilang titingalain at rerespituhin pagdating ng takdang panahon.Mahirap pa tayo ngayon pagdating ng nakatadang oras hindi mapipigilan ang pagangat ng ating bansang filipinas sa taas hanggang tayo na ang pinakamayamang bansa sa buong mundo.Tutuo itong magyayari dahil nasa propesiya na ang filipinas ang siyang pinakamayamang bansa sa nakatakdang panahon.

  13. I think we should keep it the way it is. I mean giving more attention to it will only rise public awareness, and subjects matters like this which involves tonnes of cash should be kept as confidential as possible. We all know that our country needs a lot of money to pay our debt in the world bank, but opening this DEUTERIUM SOURCE to investors isn’t the answer. We’ve all seen our leaders, their abilities and capabilities. Money is not the problem, discipline is. There are a lot of ways to pay our debt, not just this. The government could open up projects or constructions for the employment of our people. It’s a slow process but time will come that we will be able to pay it all. The problem is we Filipinos tend to take the easy way, not the hard way. Let’s be rational, we could be more than this. Let’s not just focus on one part of the problem, let’s all look at the bigger picture. Even though we would be able to pay our debt in the world bank in just a matter of a days work, there would be a lot of consequences, mostly negative. Foreign investors will be flooding the country, most of them would be from the super power countries. Always remember, we could be the richest country in the world in just a blink of an eye, but we could also be the most unstable, fragile, or weakest country in just as fast. Before arriving at any conclusions, always ask yourself, “what if???”

  14. Long as corrupt leaders still in the Philippine government, no one will lead this vast deposit of heavy hydrogen. Let us first vote those right people to lead the Philippines before talking about this matter, once we all have these people with the good governance, that is the time to introduce and suggest this topic even face to face for them to understand what the deuterium means.

    • long terms of corrupt leadership and who well set on to be a good leader with out corruption,  this time the leader trying to clean all the corrupt  offecial of the government , we know that many offecial are corrupt specially those who dont want to live on there position on the government ,.so how can we move forward to the option to develope the leadership in the philippines

  15. Paano maging pinakamayaman ang bansang magka income jan sa sinasabing DEUTERIUM na yan? $30 billion/year? Alam ba ninyo magkano ang income ng Saudi Arabia sa taong 2012? $330 billion. So paano maging pinakamayaman ang pinas? Ayusin nga ninyo tong mga kwento nyo?

    • Kung babasahin mo yung article ang 30billion usd na annual income ay kinalculate pa nung 1986. Kung iadjust mo yan in terms of inflation rate… Medyo malaki din. Baka nga hoax lang yung article o baka may nagsasaliksik o nagmimina na sa ilalim ng ating karagatan na hindi lang natin nababalitaan

    • @Raul Pelino Nagbasa ka nga di mo naman naintindihan ang binasa mo. Read the article and you will find “Another meeting is scheduled this December 1986 in Washington D.C…” meaning the article was written in 1986, not 2013. Similarly, price of US $ 7.00 per dollar will not be the same but will be priced less the current oil price. .

  16. mayron tayong isang scientist na pinoy nakatuklas sa pinas nitong DEUTERIUM. Siya po naging scolar ng arabian oil company at ngayun nasa pinas sya upang mag oil exploration. May mga investor galing ibat-ibang bansa ang kaso masyado mabagal ang pag process sa mga permits dahil ang lahat naka upo sa government natin nangingikil ng malaki. Mayron nanhihingi ng 95Billions USD isang tao palang yun. Sana magkaroon din ng HUB website sa mga investors dito sa pinas upang transparent at malaman kung ano na ang status yun project proposal ng mga foriegn investors natin at para rin maiwasan ang nangingikil lahat ng ahensya sa government natin. Kung sino man yun at anong ahensya sa pinas government nangingikil ng 95 billions USD para pag process ng oil exploration sana kilabutan sa kanyang demand.

    • ito na ang pagkakataon ng ating pamahalaan upang harapin at hanapan ng sulosyon ang pang himasok ng china sa tiretoryo ng pilipinas ng hindi tayo maagrabyado sa sariling yaman ng pilipinas sa ating karagatan para sa kunlaran ng ating basa, ang dapat na mamuno dito ay ang mapagkatiwalaan ng hindi kurapsyon ang na sa isipan ,

  17. sana pag-isipan na tong deuterium ni noynoy..kc tayong mga pilipino ang mkikinabang nito..sana pag nkuha na to bumaba na ang tax dto sa pinas..ang mga bilhin, mumura na rin…sana bigyan itong pansin at ma-ahon na tau sa kahirapan.

  18. is this why they are clearing the land and people from the Philippines. they can’t really say they are terrorists and blow them up now can they. so they blow them away with other means. listen someone is playing that tune on the H.A.A.R.P.

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  20. meron na nga po tayo nasimulan ung malampaya doon nga natin nakukuha ung MALAMPAYA FUND kaya dinadahan dahan muna at para di narin kami mangamuhan dito sa Gitnang Silangan…

  21. I know this will Happen.. It’s been Prophesied by Cindy Jacobs (Prophecy for the Philippines) a couple of years ago.. And it’s happening now.. What God says, He does it. Praise God.

  22. Para sa akin lamang sana maganda ang iniisip ninyo pero bago gawin ang lahat ng iniisip niyo we need a blessing from God,tanungin natin siya kung puwede ba nating gawin yang iniisip ninyo at kailangan ang pagbabago sa ating bansa ay mag umpisa muna sa ating sarili,at ipagdasal natin ang plano natin kay God tanungin natin siya kung papayagan ba tayong gawin iyan,kung minsan sana may isang araw ng walang pasok ang lahat pati goverment at buong Pilipinas ay magdasal sabay sabay para mas lalong pakinggan tayo ni God sa ating dinaramdam at sa ating sitwasyon sa lahat,”Sabi nga ni God kay Solomon na kapag magdasal ang mga tao sa akin at magsisi sila sa kanilang kasalanan at talikuran ang kanilang mga masasamang gawain at pakinggan ko sila sa langit,patawarin ko mga kasalanan nila at yayaman ang kanilang lupa” 2cronicas 7-14.Godbless the Country Philippines at sa mga tao.Nawa’y tulungan tayo ni God sa ating mga desisyon…In JESUS NAME AMENNNNNNN…

  23. Para sa akin lamang sana maganda ang iniisip ninyo pero bago gawin ang lahat ng iniisip niyo we need a blessing from God,tanungin natin siya kung puwede ba nating gawin yang iniisip ninyo at kailangan ang pagbabago sa ating bansa ay mag umpisa muna sa ating sarili,at ipagdasal natin ang plano natin kay God tanungin natin siya kung papayagan ba tayong gawin iyan,kung minsan sana may isang araw ng walang pasok ang lahat pati goverment at buong Pilipinas ay magdasal sabay sabay para mas lalong pakinggan tayo ni God sa ating dinaramdam at sa ating sitwasyon sa lahat,”Sabi nga ni God kay Solomon na kapag magdasal ang mga tao sa akin at magsisi sila sa kanilang kasalanan at talikuran ang kanilang mga masasamang gawain at pakinggan ko sila sa langit,patawarin ko mga kasalanan nila at yayaman ang kanilang lupa” 2cronicas 7-14.Godbless the Country Philippines at sa mga tao.Nawa’y tulungan tayo ni God sa ating mga desisyon…In JESUS NAME AMENNNNNNN…

    • I would like to see this topic on a more positive and advantageous way. Actually, the fact that the deposit was discovered within the Philippine property makes it already a true blessing from GOD. While it is true that we still have those bad politicians in our government, I also believe that there are other good politicians who will care for the country’s interest and the welfare of the majority of the Filipinoes – who will have the courage and desire to take the leadership to make this project a reality. Since we cannot finance and do it alone, we need foreign investors who will partake on certain investment percentages, but still the majority of the manpower will still come from the country and will then benefit a majority of our country men. I believe in the varied talents, intelligence, and hard work of our countrymen from all walks of life that will be used to make this project a reality. I still uphold the old Filipino thought stating: “Nasa Diyos ang awa at nasa tao ang gawa” and this is exactly what it is. Lahat tayo gustong umasenso, siguro ito na ang tamang pagkakataon.

      We first need to believe in our selves, in what we can do to be part of this dream’s reality. Each and every one has her/his own specialty, ability and capability that can contribute to the happening of this project. There are a lot of educated Filipinoes to fill-in the vast manpower needs and job specialization that will emanate from this project. Let us all try to be part of a future that will make our nation great and our future generation’s life better. We need to start believing in us and what we can do together to uplift our current situation – to bring back Filipinoes at home to work together to this project and make it our own success in the future. It may not be easy but we have to start somewhere and start believing “we can do it”.

  24. Eto na ang katuparan ng mga Panalangin ng mga mananmplataya ng DIos na buhay na ” ANg kayaman ng boong mundo ay malilipat sa Pilipinas at muling matatanyag ang Pilipinas sa buong mundo at magiging paraan din pra maging launching path of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ ang bansnag Pilipinas at maitaas ang kanyang dakilang Pangalan sa buong mundo.

  25. So if I got it right, investment capital is not a question anymore since there are already investors and there are already 12 million barrel orders from US, Middle East and Japan alone. Our government’s main concern then is how to implement the proposal. Siguro ang pinakamalaking balakid sa pag-aproba dto eh ung sharing scheme (40-40-20). Since wla naman tayong pera at technology to extract deuterium, we have no choice but to look for investors. Kaya ang magagawa na lng ng gobyerno natin is to level he playing field to make everybody happy or vise versa.

    • ang kailangan ng ating governo ay magkaisa ang lahat kalimotan  ang mga alitan sa politika alisin ang mga kurap na opisyal ng bayan para madali ang pagbangon ng ating bayan ,ang hiniling ko lang sa mga opisyal na nakaupo sa goberno ay wag unahin ang sariling ambisyon magtulong tuolng para madali makabangon ang ating bayan na napinsala ng unos at sana ang mga tao ay hindi makalimot magdasal sa araw araw nating pamumohay 

  26. bilang isang Filipino,marahil walang mangyayari kung magsisihan at magtuturuan tayo sa ano mang kahirapan na ating nararanasa sa kasalukuyan,kung ang deuterium man ay totoo o hindi,kailangan parin natin ang pagbabago,pagbabagong hindi lamang magmumula sa ating gobyerno,kundi sa ating mga sarili mismo…umpisahan natin ang pagbabago sa ating mga tahanan,imulat natin ang ating mga anak sa tamang pagpapakatao,matagal man ang ganitong proseso ang mahalaga may ginagawa tayo,sapagkat ang mga anak natin ang siyng mamumuno balang araw at kapag taglay nila ang ang kabutihang ating itinuro sa kanila,magiging matapat at matino silang mga pinuno.pagkakaisa tungo sa pagbabago ang ating kailangan…simulan po natin ito sa ating mga sarili laong lalo na sa bawat pamilyang pilipino!!!




  28. dapat umpisahan na ang deuterium project na ito asap .I know Philippines has everything we need in life.i believe pnoy knows about this. pilipinas needs a political will, self-confidence among people at tulungan sa isat-isa. I believe USA could help us with this project. P-noy please think it twice to make this project happen. its true we are rich of this deuterium. I believe this project won’t affect our environment. we have a good deal with the int’l investor. this is the only way to make our country Philippines be great again!!!!!!!! bago pang makuha ng ibang bansa……

  29. kung may kabutihan itong idinulot sa bansa natin at sa mamamayan bat natin tanggihan, pero kung makasama lang sa ating kalikasan di wag nalang.., pag aralang mabuti, kay sa walang ginagawa ang gobyerno, walang perfectong gobyerno maliban nalang kung si lord na ang pamumuno sa bansa natin,. ……………

  30. Deuterium is indeed the fuel of the future. Pero lahat ay under research pa sapagkat hindi pa ganap na magamit ang mga hydrogen fuel cells sa mga sasakyan. Isa rin sa mga kagamitan ng deuterium ay sa NUCLEAR FUSION kung saan ito’y under research din. So please don’t make hype about it as deuterium is easily obtained from seawater and is very cost efficient. Maybe in 10 years time na talagang magkakaroon ng demand sa deuterium.

  31. God will do his own way to blessed the people. Sometimes, faith is also needed. If we love our nation and our God, He will let us know who will be the TRUSTED leader who have a heart to lift our motherland from poverty. Filipinos are gifted in so many ways, we must keep united. I’m praying for the next President of the Philippines and may God will lead us to him.

  32. Sana magising na ang mga world leaders natin, na sa pamamagitan ng paggamit ng hydrogen fuel from (Deuterium),maminimize na ang global warming at global pollution na nagiging sanhi ng mga grabeng kalamidad sa mundo, nasa modern stage na po tayo at hi-technology, kaya na pong mag materialyze na makuha ang deuterium mine sa ilalim ng karagatan at magawang hydrogen gas, kaya lang kailangan natin ang tulong ng mayayamang bansa at may mga hi-tech equipments, pangalawa, under po kasi ng mga giant financial institution, gaya ng IMF at WB, d tayo basta makakilos tungkol sa pagninegosyo lalo na kung lalabag sa pansarili nilang interes,at may certain period of time ang agreement, 50 yrs or more, pangatlo, kailangan natin ng mga lider na universal ang concern, ang isyong eto ay hindi lng para sa mga Pilipino kungdi para sa kapakanan ng boong mundo. lahat ng bagay na nilikha ng Dios ay may layunin at magiging blessing sa bawat isa kung magagamit ayon sa kanyang layunin. God bless everyone!!!

  33. Government also concern to its people the sharing scheme is too small 20% for the filipino people. What will happened next if the evil minded corruption officials will again…u know…but how many years will be turn over to the Philippine government 50 years similar to Aramco Oil in Middle east, may be f the Government is ok, no corruption then, may be the public have a nice smile…then proceed the project…

  34. i really hope and pray that this will materialize. but i hate to brake your hope and dreams about this deuterium. since the late 80′s we have already tried to retrieve this natural resource from our ocean, we have tried local and international technology, but sad to say everything have failed. the main reason is, deuterium can only be found on the deepest part of the ocean all over the world. ang deuterium ay naiipon at makukuha lamang sa pilipinas at ito po ay nasa PHILIPPINE DEEP, ang pinaka malalim na parte ng dagat sa buong mundo, kaya po nitong ilubog ang MOUNT EVEREST…… at dahil nga po sa lalim nito, hindi kayang mag lagay ng kahit na anong klase ng tubo or pipe para mahigop o masipsip ang deuterium. dahil ang tubo or pipe ay nadudurog at nayuyupi kahit wala pa sa kalahati ng lalim ng PHILIPPINE DEEP dahil po sa lakas ng water pressure….. marami po akong kaibigan na na hire ng international companies karamihan po ay mga tig welder para po mag hinang ng mga tubo para mhigop at makuha ang deuterium noong late 80′s and early 90′s, pero natigil po at hindi na natuloy ang project dahil nga po sa mga kadahilanan na ito……… wala po akong balak na sirain ang pag asa at mga pangarap natin tungkol sa deuterium, ako rin po ay umaasa na darating ang araw na makukuha rin natin ang deuterium na ito………

  35. una sa lahat ipaalam sa sambayanang pilipino kung ano ang deuterium at kung ano-ano ang gamit nito at ang mga epekto nito sa tao at sa kapaligiran. pangalawa ano ang magiging bunga sa ekonomiya ng bansa at sa sosyal na pakikitungo ng mga pilipino sa bawat isakapag itoy sinimulan na ang produksyon nito. pangatlo, at ang pinakaimportante sa lahat ano ang tototong magiging hatian ng gobyerno at ng investors na hahawak nito… yung totoo lang ha… higit sa lahat anong ahensya ng gobyerno at sino-sino ang hahawak nito at ano ang mga batas na dapat sundin sa produksyon at pagpapalabas nito….dapat malaman ng sambayanang pilipino para transparent, walang dudahan.

  36. mahirap simulan ang project na yan hanggat may mga kurakot sa govt natin at mga politikong sarili lng ang iniintindi kasama ng kanilang buong angkan at mga taong sakim sa kayamanan…..ung pagbabago ay hanggang salita na lng yan hanggat nariyan ang mga taong namumuno na sumasamba sa PERA/KAYAMANAN kung saan mas mayaman pa sila sa bansang pilipinas…naniniwala akong mayaman ang bansang pilipinas at sana gamitin ito para sa kapakanan at ikakabuti ng buhay ng buong sambayanang pilipino. darating ang araw at tamang panahon kung saan titingalain din ang bansang pilipinas ng buong mundo…..lahat ng salot at mapagsamantalang tao ay may hangganan rin sa mundo. malaking tulong ang FB/ bagong teknolohiya upang mamulat ang buong sambayanang pilipino.

  37. kahit maraming likas na yman ang Pilipinas , maraming likas rin na magnanakaw sa gobyerno magmula sa higher position hanggang sa kopitan. Paano pa kaya yayaman ang Pilipinas. Matagal na sanang mayaman ang pilipinas kaya lang ninanakaw lang mg mga demonyong politiko na nagkatawang tao lang. I always Dreams and wish na sana magbago na ang isip o pamulitika sa pilipinas na sana maging honest na ang mga susunod na henerasyon na magdadala ng pilinas at sana yumaman ang pilipinas at wala ng magpapaalipin sa ibang bansa at sa huling sandali tau naman ang titingalain ng ibang bansa.

    • Gud Day po, sapat na po siguro kung magkatotoo man ito na maging maayos na lang ang lahat para sa mga Pilipino, Huwag na po nating pangarapin pa na tingalain ng ibang bansa dahil ito rin po ang magiging simula ng pagmamalabis ng marami kapag ang kanilang katalinuhan ay napasukan ng ganitong konsepto. Sa sobrang pagmamalaki sa sariling kalagayan, nakakalimutan na kung ano ang obligasyong dapat gampanan sa sarili niya at sa kanyang kapuwa. Meaning; nagiging makasarili na ang tao dahil sa labis na pagmamalaki sa kanyang napapala kahit pa ito ay kanyang napagsikapan.

  38. Why oh why must everyone always want to involve the Yanks (usa), they are already war mongering OOPS I MEAN oil and resource collecting in the middle east, now that this guy informed them of this, they have used HAARP to create weather calamities (two typhoons) so they can send an AIRCRAFT CARRIER to “help out”
    In the real world you use Auxillary Supply vessels to help out with Natural disasters but i guess HAARP is not natural …..

  39. Yungn isang nnagcomments tama siya, controlado nang IMF ang Pilipinas,kaya hindi pinayagan na ipushtrue ang nakainbento nang tubig para sa sasakiyan kailangan may pahintulot muna ang IMF . Yung narevealed na coruption sa world bank na $900M na si Lucio Tan ang tumangap, bakit kay Lucio TAn? Bakit? kailan ito?

  40. I can still recall about 20 or 25 years ago lumutang na yan, at naalala ko pa na may ipanamimigay na application form sa pagsisimula ng deuterium exploration sa ating bansa. Ang hindi ko lang alam ang dahilan ay biglang nanahimik yan, di kaya may humaharang para di matuloy yan. Kaya sa susunod na halalan kailangan na nating mag-isip kung sino ang mga iboboto nating opisyal sa national position.

  41. Praise God. He is the Key to Everything. Let’s all repent from our sins & come back to God & share His words into the world so everyone in the world will see How God will uplift us & How great is wonders & miracles cause through Him Nothing is Impossible. To God be the Glory.

  42. kung ano ano na ang nangyayari sa kapaligiran natin puro pa pera at pagyaman ang nasa utak nyo. Ang dapat tutukan ng bawat bansa ay kung paano maisasalba ang mundo natin sa napakaraming unos na gawa rin nating mga tao. Ang yaman at pera pansamantala lng yan sa buhay natin,, pero ang kalagayan ng mundo ay pangmatagalan yan na pwedeng manahin pa ng maraming generation na sususnod pa sa atin kaya sana huwag nating kakalimutan na bgiyan ng pansin ito. Tandaan nyo..without GOD, we are all nothing….

  43. sa dami na ng mga trahedya at unos na nangyayari sa tin pagyaman pa rin ba ang isaisip natin, minsan ba sumagi sa isipan nyo ang mga kahulugan nito sa buhay ng bawat isa sa atin?, we must all know that the God’s second coming is getting closer and closer, kaya dapat magsisi na tau at i evangelised ang kanyang mga salita hndi yung puro yaman,pera, o anumang karangyaan sa buhay.

  44. Magsitigil nga kayo! Wag nating pakialaman ang kalikasan. Maaring pinakialaman nila ang Microwave sa atmosphere kaya lumabas si Yolanda at iba’t-ibang delubyo sa mundo. Kung pakikialaman pa natin ang ilalim ng dagat tiyak hindi lang yan ang sasapitin natin. Baka madali ang pagdating ng katapusan ng mundo.

  45. Dapat po kse sa simula palang hindi na natin pinayagan mag my ari ng mga lupain ang mga dayuhan sa Pilipinas. mamuhunan pede pa. ngayon pa nga lang po kung mapapansin natin…sino po ba ang mahirap? pilipino. sino po ba ang mayaman? dayuhan. baket yumaman dahil sa mga pilipino. makakita lang tyo ng dayuhan kulang nalang halikan natin mga paa nila. san po ba kyo nakakita ng bahay na ang nag uutos sa may-ari ay ang bisita? only in the philippines lang po. yan tuloy alipin na nga sa sariling bayan hindi pa nakuntento alipin parin sa ibang bansa. sino manggagawa sa pilipinas? pilipino. kung tutuusin kaya naman talaga ntin masyado lang tyo ambisyoso/ambisyosa. kaya naman ntin mabuhay ng simple dahil mayaman ang pilipinas sa likas na yaman kailangan ntin. tayo mga pilipino ang sumisira sa sarili natin bayan. kaya hindi na ako magtataka bukas makalawa wala ng lugar ang mga pilipino sa pilipinas kundi pag mamay-ari na ng mga sakim na dayuhan. God bless Philippines.

  46. Yes. The Philippines can really be the richest in the world because of this. But we must not forget, this can only happen if the nation will going to protect and manage this resources in all aspects. Remember, our country is already rich in different resources even before this was discovered. But because of the selfishness & greediness of few we are now being left behind by other nations which are even poorer than us before. We need to change the system and we need to change even our mentality…we all know it’s not easy, but it’s possible. Our and our country’s future depend not only on the resource but also to us, it’s people!

    Let us not be like some country/ies in Africa, e.g. Nigeria. Their country is very rich in oil but only very few of their people benefits on that richness.

  47. one thing left to plan about…storms that will hit the facility..the Philippine trench is located at the usual storm paths.if a typhoon as strong as Yolanda passes by how will the facilities hold out?

  48. Hindi ko alam talaga kung totoo to o hindi at kung totoo man, malamang ang mga gagawa nito yung mga malalaking taeng negosyanteng dayuhan dito sa Pinas – why? Sila lang kasi may pera para makagalaw sa natitirang yaman ng Pinas. What happen? Lubog pa din ang Pinas di tayo ang nakinabang eh – kaya kung may utak talaga ang mga nasa gobyerno – gawan ng paraan ito.,

  49. Kilos na mga kababayan ishare na natin eto ng makarating sa media… Baka maunahan pa tayo ng mga chekwa.. Yon black sand natin sa norte ubos na hinuhukay at dinadala sa china…we must act bago mahuli ang lahat

  50. magandang balita po eto. ang tanong kailan ba natin mamahalin ang bansang pilipinas? hanggat andiyan ang mga buwaya sa ating bansa na namumuno at nangungukarot hindi magiging maunlad ang ating bansa. sana nga po darating ang panahon na wala ng pilipinong mangingibang bansa para lang maitaguyod ang pamilya at para umasenso ang buhay

  51. Nasa propesiya na ang Pilipinas ay magiging mayamang bnasa sa darating na panahon at ito ay nagsisimula na. Unang inaayos ng Diyos ang ating Gobyerno. Tinatanggal ang mga corrupt at ang mga nagpapasasa sa kayamanan ng Pamahalaan. Kailangang ang nanunungkulan sa Pamahalaan ay tunay na may takot sa Diyos para mapangunahan ang bansa ng buong karunungan at kaalaman. Ang sabi ng bibiliya ang pagkatakot sa Diyos ay simula ng karunungan..


  53. if people now in absolute poverty will improve their life quality, then let’s talk about it, sounds great. but please stop the patriotic absurd speech like ‘ we will be the richest country’, ‘greatest’ or whatsoever.. let’s think about living in a better world, and specially for our future generations, we are humans in the same planet, i’m so tired of hearing talking about borders and countries

  54. sana magawa na yan agad agad…kasi sawa na ang karamihang pinoy sa kahirapan…pero gawin ng may maayos na plano at sapat na kaalaman ng hindi mauwi sa wala ang napakgandang pagkakataon na ito… at isa pa sana kainin muna ng lupa ang mga makasarili, corupt, at gahaman sa pera at magbabalak na solohin ang biyayang ito ng sa ganun ay ang lahat ng mga pilipino ang makikinabang dito…..

  55. Dapat huwag nang patagalin na matupad ang projectong iyan na magbibigay ng magandang kinabukasan sa lahat ng mga pilipino. . .

    Dapat na ma protektahan natin yang ating yaman na nasa karagatan, , ,

    Kaya nararapat lang na ipasanib natin sa USA ang seguridad ng ating republika para hinde manakaw ng ibang bansa lalung lalu na ang china, , , ,

  56. for me one of the most reason why most of Filipino people are naghihirap dahil they always give unproven reason or pointing out someone like the government etc.

    but the one reason is they always think for employment making their selves trapped until they reach the age of Hopeless.
    (to be continued)

  57. Sana po ay kumilos na ang ating gobyerno bago pa mahuli ang lahat, at upang mapakinabangan ng sambayanang Pilipino ang mga likas na yaman ng ating bansa na binigay ng ating Poong Maykapal.

  58. Kung tama man ito di malaki pla tlga ang pag-asa ng Pilipinas. Pero un nga kelangan naman ng malaking halaga pra e invest pra dyan. Hindi naman gnung kadali yan eh. Hindi nman ganun kadali na magkakaroon ng bilyon bilyong kita per day kung hindi mag iinvest ng malaking halaga ang Pilipinas.

  59. Reblogged this on Ancient Truths Hidden and commented:
    Nothing more important to the Philippine’s than the means by which to ensure the financial stability of this country than attaining the mineral wealth here that by all rights would bring the Philippines away from being considered a third world country and would sustain a strong middle class in keeping the smartest that now work in other countries here within the Philippines.

  60. “this nation (Philippines) will be the greatest nation in the whole wideworld” ito ang prediction ni Apo Marcos noon pa. hindi kaya alam na noon pa ni Apo Marcos ang deuterium deposits natin? at ang ating pera ay magiging mas mataas ang value kumpara sa dollar, pounds, euro atibpang bills sa buong mundo. Salamat sa Diyos at hindi tayo pinababayaan, magandang balita ito sa ating kapwa Pilipino!

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  63. Yes it so true that the Philippines has the largest natural resources and it is enough to make us the riches country in the world. But the sad truth is, even if we have these resources we still need investors (and most of them are foreigners) to support the multi-billion investment and advance technology so that we can harvest and use these resources to our advantage. Being a member of ASEAN and other worldly organization, our government is also regulated in terms of trade and industry to our ally countries. Thus, even if we fight back against China’s claim over some of the Philippine territories, we still have a long way to go since China had already established it’s economy and power in Asia. I am so happy hearing about this vast Deuterium deposit in our country BUT I strongly hope that the government along side with its Filipino investors and the people will support this. I am looking forward to the day that no Filipino will seek employment abroad and instead foreigners will flock in the Philippines for employment and business. To God be with Us ALL. Viva Pilipinas!!!!

  64. Napapansin ko sa mga comments ang primary na problema nating mga Pilipino. Kawalan ng tiwala sa sarili. I believe that is the only problem with Filipinos. Well I’ve been an OFW for only 13 years now and but I was given the oppurtunity to manage people of different race and yes I agree we Filipinos do have the edge compared to other nationalities. Mas magaling tayo sa performance, diskarte at galing, however, we are lacking trust in ourselves. Mayabang lang tayo, yes we may have the right to be one, but my point is, we really do not have that will-power to be confident to do something new, lagi na lang nating sasabihin, as an answer, subukan natin, lets try, or di ko yata kaya, yung itik na lang, however if we somehow managed to do it, then magyayabang na tayo. What I am trying to promote is the mentality na, as long as humans can, we can do it too and better. Classic example, South Korea, they are basically a nation of farmers, they were absolutely nothing compared to us back then, they even came to the Philippines to study, back then, when they were starting just after the K-War and till now for English medium. S. Koreans even looked up to the Philippines back then (Marcos time I guess), yes back then… With remarkable patriotism and will power they managed to be who and what they are now on the face of the earth right now. I am basically a construction worker and construction have been my life and I have noticed for all Korean Construction companies that they have invested on Filipinos to fill their staff and skilled manpower, for they believe the Filipino can and will deliver and true it is, we always deliver, always without fail, difficult or impossible we always deliver. This is true with other construction companies with Filipinos as their driving force. Sad thing is we Filipinos perform with extreme excellence under the leadership of foreign nations, for we Filipinos do not simply have faith or trust in ourselves. Saves me with the excuse, “Buti na lang Igorot ako”.
    If such said Deuterium ‘thing” may be true, why dont we explore it ourselves, surely we have able scientist, engineers, entrepreneurs and politicians that can fill all the requirements to deliver. Probably some are working under other powerful governments/ institutions, just working for the money and security, “ika nga pera pera lang yan”. Why depend on other countries or powers to do it for us, such mentality should be obsolete these days. I believe as a Filipino we can do this based on facts i witnessed myself. I can discuss further in micro-detail on options how to make it happen and dominate this page but I dont see the necessity of telling things that everybody knows already.
    I would rather call on personalities who have the capability to arrange a campaign on this regard, to gather people or signatures to demand the truth on this matter and further force the government to take this issue on priotity.

    Apologies to people who may not agree to what I have shared.

  65. Noong nagtrabaho ako sa Aramco, Dhahran, KSA, taong 1980, nabasa ko na ang tungkol dito. Tama ang sabing mahirap i-extract dahilan sa lalim noon (mababali’t mababali ang tubong gagamitin kung baga, sa lakas ng pressure sa ilalim ng dagat) at wala pang technology na magagamit, subalit, noon me nagcomment sa usap-usapan na hindi pag-aabalahan ng America ang pag extract noon, habang me nakukuha pang oil sa ME, at ni reserve nga nila ang sa kanila. Pero sa ngayon, nag start na silang mag full extraction ng kanilang oils. Nakakuha ako ng copy ng write up noon, pero hindi ko na makita, sa tagal ba naman. Sabi nga, kung sa America tayo, sa American na lang.

  66. I think its not yet the right time. First think of the damages it will do to our mother nature. The government right now is not capable of handling the money. #koruptkasi… :D

  67. Yes it will happen in the future! But first of all, the Philippines must get rid of corruption among our government officials, before GOD allows us to exploit our natural resources.

  68. Kahit gaano pa kadaming kayamanan ng isang bansa kung ang mga mamamayan naman ay walang kabusugan gulo lang ang kahahantungan.

    Sobra sobra na ang ating kayamanan kung hindi nga lang HAWAK NG IILAN. Mayrong nasa talagang pinaghirapan mas higit nga lang ang nasa mga SAKIM at KAWATAN.

    Alisin o bawasan man lang ang pagkaganid sa salapi,at kapangyarihan ng mga nanunungkulan maging ng simpleng mamamayan. MAMUHAY NG SIMPLE, MAY DANGAL, at MAY PAG-IBIG SA DIYOS.Sa ganung paraan hindi man tayo maging pinakamayamang bansa sa mundo sa pananalaping aspeto tayo naman ang magiging pinakamasayang at kontentong tao sa mundo.

  69. Ang ekonomiya natin ay kontrolado ng dayuhang mga bansa na nagmamay-ari ng IMF-World Bank. Ang mga utang panlabas ng Pilipinas kahit sino pa ang Presidente ay may epekto sa economic policy. Kaya nga kung anu-anong taxes ang kanilang pinapatupad sa ating bansa. Ang mga mambabatas ay marami sa kanila boses ng mga dayuhan. Nag VAT, dinagdagan ang saklaw kaya naging E-VAT ( Expanded Value Added Tax ). Mga batas na lalong nagpapahirap sa taong bayan at sa bayan upang patuloy ang pamahalaan sa pangungutang. Tayo ay di ganap na malayang bansa, politically, economically controlado parin tayo ng mga dayuhan. Akoy 101% naniniwala na totoong nasa Philipine Deep Sea ang pusod ng Deuterium (Malapit ito sa Surigao City) Panahon pa ni Pang. Marcos, ang karagatang ito ay guarded na. Kahit anong sasakyang pandagat bawal dumaan sa lugar na ito, maging ang mga sasakyang panghimpapawid ay bawal din lumipad sa kalawakan ng lugar na ito. Binabantayan ito ng mga composite team ng pamahalaan 24/7. Ang dahilan kung bakit di puedeng galawin ang Resources na ito, kasama ang Langis, ay ang Economic Policy imposed by our Creditors, prohibiting the Philippine Government to commercial exploration. Ang kasunduang ito valid kahit sinong maupong Presidente. Maaring minimum of 50 yrs at ilang taon palang ang kinain nito kaya mahabang panahon pa tayo mag hintay. PERO, di sila papayag na di mahabaan muli ito kaya aaliwin tayo ng kung anu-anong tulong at pautang pinansyal upang patuloy tayong nakakulong sa kahirapan. Maaring di sa PANAHON natin mapakinabangan ito, subalit tiyak sa panahong darating PILIPINO ang magtatamasa nito dahil ang PILIPINAS ang kilalaning pinakamayamang bansa sa Mundo dahil sa Deuterium. Ang susi simple lang. GASTUSIN ng tama ang pondo ng bayan. HUWAG ng mangutang. PILIPINO kabayan ko, ibalik mo sa Plilipinas ang PERA mo at ilagak mo sa NEGOSYO. Palakasin ang MACRO investment. Panahon na, baguhin ang pananaw mula sa pagiging empleyado o alipin tungo sa pagiging Negosyante o Investor. Pilipino ka, you can make if you will.

  70. hahaha…wag na muna nating isispin yan sa ngaun.. unahinmuna natin paano makabangon sa trahedya d ba? matagal ng usapin yang tungkol sa deuterium gas at gang ngaun ganon pa din. dapat nating gawin wag ng ibuto ang mga bulaang politiko na matagal ng nagpapahirap sa bayan. kayong mga bumoboto gusto ng pagbabago pero pagdating election dating kandidato pa rin eh anong mababago ala, corruption pa din laman ng utak nyan, kaya dapat walisin na ang mga yan…bangon bayannnnnnnnnnn.

  71. My fellow filipinos, be the positive thinkers. Way back 21 years ago in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, we had discussed this Deuterium or Li-hi perfectly with our great interests and hopes that this will be materialized sooner or later if our government will honestly develop this huge deposits of Li-Hy gas to be called “the fuel of the future”. We discussed it the same as being explained above and we’re convinced that this will come in reality and it is just a time of waiting. As we knew, Philippines has the deepest sea in the world situated somewhere in Mindanao offshore area where the huge deposits of Deuterium lies. Too much pressure down was the problem for the American engineers and drillers at first, where metal pipes being lowered to the floor basin for the drilling cannot reach the bottom because the pipe always burst because of the very strong pressure below. But when America and Germany combined their knowledge and high technology in making the right metal being used to withstand the strong water pressure, fortunately, the pipes touched the bottom without bursting and at last, the problem was solved. Some countries have also Deuterium gas deposits but not big enough as what we have in the Philippines. But if God willings and the drilling might start, then Philippines will become the greatest and richest country in the world. We are so lucky that we have the Philippine deep in Surigao. This is where our riches culminate. As soon as the drilling starts, Li-Hy deposits in other countries will be sucked into our country because we are the deepest in terms of sea level. Para bang, maging embudo tayo dahil and ating bansa lang ang may pinaka malalim na dagat sa buong mundo. That’s why, Japan and Saudi Arabia had their Li-Hy gas reservations already as soon as the project starts anytime.Pollutions can be eliminated by using this Liquified Hydrogen gas because it came from water as the vapor would be the fuel for cars, planes, vessels, etc..etc. We understand why this good news was kept for many years because it needs more preparations for the safety of our country. Although, the shares were already agreed among the Philippine government, foreign contractors and investors specially America. What we have to do is just to wait until everything is well-arranged. We need to modernize our Armed Forces to protect our country from the countries who might have plans to invade our nation. All Filipinos will be benefited from this gigantic wealth of our country. Long live the Philippines and the Filipino people.

  72. pilipinas wag madamot wag na tayung magmayabang na kaya natin ma pride kasi tayo na hindi kailangan ng mga banyaga para maitupad ang priyoyekto na mga pilipino lang ang makinabang wag ganyan. dasal tayo ng dasal para umunlad peru anong ginawa hangang dasal lang walang ginawa kundi maghintay. ang dasal isang kasangkapan para patnubayan tayo ng panginoon kung pano tayo uunlad. kaylangan natin ng mga banyaga sila ang ginawang kasangkapan ng panginoon para uunlad tayo. wake up mga kabayan wag puro paasikat. sa saudi hindi sila umunlad, hindi sila nakilala kung di dahil sa mga banyaga oh amirikanong nagtuklas sa yaman nila, sabihin man nating MOK MAFI sila peru alam ninyo tayong mga pilipino ang MOK MAFI nandiyan na may tutulong para paunlarin ang sambayanang pilipino ang bansa kung sinilangan. wag na tayong magmayabang na tayo lang mga pilipino ang makinabang na kaya nating ito ano ba tayo super hero? kahit nga kunting problema ng bansa hindi kaya sulosyonan ito pa? kaya guys tulong2x para uunlad tayo hindi lang tayo mga pilipino pati na sa ibang panig ng mundo. war cant make u win pag ikaw lang mag-isa kaylangan mo ng allies kahit anong tapang mo kung wala ka nito hindi ka mananalo. wag lang natin abosohin ang likas na yaman ng ating bansa walang masamang mangyayari sa atin at kung uunlad man tayo wag kalimotan ang Panginoon. bangon pilipinas mabuhay ka.

  73. Wow npkayaman pla ntin…Thanks God at tayo ang pinili nya…sana lng gamitin ito s maayos n pamaraan at lalo n s mga namumuno nito pra di n kmi mahihirapan magtrabaho dito s ibang bansa hirap n hirap n kmi samantalang ang nsa gov ay buhay hari kung makawaldas ng pinaghirapan nmin wagasssssssss! Mahiya nman kyo ang kapal nyo! Di n ako magtaka kung bkit nagpapatayan ang mga tao makuha lng ang lugar n yan…!

  74. before we think of getting rich as it says.. did we ever think ba kun may negative effects to or wala? true na ang pilipinas ay maraming bodies of water dahil tayo ay isang archipelago kahit nasa atin ang deep trench na yan.. inisip ba natin bakit subrang lalim nyan, ilang mga undiscovered volcanos ang meron dyan.. anu kayang effects ang mangyayari sa atin kung maging inbalance yan.. may mga bagay na hinayaan ibaon ng Diyos sa pinaka ilalim laliman ng dagat na ayaw nya na matuklasan ng mga tao.. the more we attemp to do it the more na mas malalalang disaster ang nangyayari at hello sa ating lahat na Filipino na dito naninirahan tayo lang naman ang most na magsusuffer sa mga consequences diba.. hindi naman ang mga bansang gumagamit ng h2 or deutrilium na yan. sa mga disaster na nagaganap sa bansa natin.. wala naman itong pinipili ke mayaman at mahirap.. kung yumaman ka man dahil sa hydrogen na toh kung ikamamatay at ika sisira din ng ipinundar mo anung sense?? ang mga dagat na nakapaligid sa atin ay nagiging mainit na ang temp. at nakakalikha ng malalakas na bagyo anu pa kaya kung bawasan mo pa ng hydrogen did we ever think na hindi ito magkakaron ng negative effects??? ang US and canada they have winters eh tau meron ba non.. kahit pag aralan ito ng maraming beses no one can prove that a projects are 100% na walang effects sa ating natural Environment.. sa una parang wlang negative effect but look on other minerals na minimina.. landslide humina ang kapit ng lupa.. kung sa mga ito na matagal ng napakinabangan hindi mapredict agad anu pa kaya yung nasa ilalim ng tubig hayzzz.. wag tayong maging sakim at puro yaman ang iniisip.. kasi pagnamatay tayo ni hindi natin yan maiisama sa langit at baka hindi din tayo sa langit mapunta.

  75. i think this is true because personally i seen a small community in part of mindanao not to mention when i was a community organizer. i wonder why there were an access from deep well to some resident houses which continues burning fire. The old or trash burner gas stove innovated inorder to control the fire. Imagine libre ang gasul nila in the whole life. Akala ko may oil deposit ang area nila. Now it is clear to me. I agree.

  76. billions or even trillions of cash needed for the said project…ang shell oil company ang talagang magaling sa ganitong gawain…. drilling up to 3 000 feet deep…Sana makapag likom ng malaking puhunan ang gobyerno gobyerno ng Pilipinas para maisakatuparan at maiahon sa kahirapan ang buong bansa…God Bless Philippines…mahal na panginoon patnubayan nyo po ang lahat na naka upo sa gobyerno na mamahala ng maayos…

  77. wag kayo maniwala sa hinde niyo nakita. ang panginoon lang ay may alam.. isipin niyo muna lahat. anong may ron ang philippinas. maawa naman kayo sa mahiirap sa atin, sila yung kawawa isipin niyo sila. wag kayo makasarili. ano bang ang inyong pinagyabang, ang corrupt goverment, na walang ka taposan. ang mayayaman na nag manatrato sa mahihirap. kaya ang mang ta-o sa atin nag aalisan punta sa ibang2 bansa kasi kapag sa pinas lang sila hinde sila makakain at makapag aral ang manga anak nito. at ang buhay nang ta-o sa pinas wala nang halaga para sa ta-o. over 4 decade na ng corrupt nang pinas. kung toto-o mangaling ang pinag sasabi sa taong nang sulat nang minsahing ito.diba dapat ang mang officialist nang gobyerno higit pa nakaalam . at pino protectahan nila ang pinas. i anonng ginagawa nila pino protitahan ang pera ng ninakaw nila.. you need a brain from god not from satan.

  78. We will never be the Richest Country as long as there were corrupt and selfish Politicians who just wants to be rich and not to serve the people. They think that Politics is the answer to be rich. Yes, The Philippines is a Rich Country in terms of Natural Resources but the people doesn’t know how to utilize these resources. Instead of teaching the people how to use these resources they(politicians) just just keep it to themselves so that they are the ones who can be rich. That is what we get when were being enslaved by the rich politicians. As you can see the politicians in our country have the biggest businesses in the country. So we, the people should take a stand in all of what is happening in the nation.

  79. D2 me sa middle east nag work, at sa aking mga pag-iikot d2 sa middlea east, isa lng ang masasabi ko, mayaman ang mga bansa sa middle east dahil sa malaking deposit ng oil and gas nila, ngunit wala silang mga likas na yaman katulad ng pilipinas….if ever that this discovery about deuterium deposit is true, or if this is really a fact, i would say, we will become really a rich country because of this , imagine, big deposits of deuterium, plus our natural rersources… What I can say is that, Philippines is really a rich country blessed with natural resources and beautiful places, the only problem is there are lot of predators / vultures / crocodiles ( corrupt government officials ) that are roaming around in our country….exploiting our natural resources and its beauty for their own and selfish interest….

  80. is it only me thinking that this supposed to be strictly confidential and not supposed to be spread all over the world? philippine military forces is a very tiny bit compared to its corruption forces. second, knowing our government.. ibebenta lang nila ito sa mga dayuhan for a quick buck.

  81. For me, our country could be best handled by the people who are really trustworthy, respectable, faithful, intelligent and having a heart with the people of the Philippines are Governor Vilma Santos as President and DIck Gordon as Vice President or vice versa. The combination of two will make this country great. You can base their qualifications from the works they are doing now.


  83. kahit wala yang deuterium na yan mayaman ang pinas. lalo n sa mga magnanakaw na pulitiko. whahahhahahaa
    isipin n lng ntin. magkano sweldo lets say ng mayor. maybe like 20-40k. sa tingin nyo gagastos ng milyon mga hinayupak n yan sa kung walang balak magnakaw. hahahha coz filipino believe in the saying “pag may isinuksok may madudukot” gising pinas :) gising pinoy :) god bless us all

  84. Nakakapagtaka kung bakit ang mga bansang tumutulong satin ngayon ay sobrang nagpadala ng napakaraming mga gamit na pangdigma,at my parating palagay ko ito na ang pagkakataon nila para mapasok ang pinas at masuri ang mga deposits sating bansang pilipinas..nde ako naniniwala na puro reliefgoods dala nla.kung di my gasget clang pang suri upang makita lahat ng mga nakadeposits satin..opinyon ko lng po to..ty

  85. unity ………….abundance…….. …hindi puro pasakit nlang sa bawat isa…..mag tulungan tau wala sisihan dapat my isa pangulo mangunguna sa kabutihan para sa ating bansa,tapos dapat ang batas ay batas na hindi kaya bayaran……mag tatagumpay tau….abolish all corrupt…god bless phillipines..mabuhay tau…ununlad tau ….basta tiwala lang sa dios always our country

  86. Wala tayong maasahan sa ating pangulo ng Pilipinas sa bibig na mismo ng kanyang ina na napakaduwag niyan.,mahina ang loob kawalan ng interest sa mga sa mga bagay na tingin niya delikado,.,naalaala ko lang ang sinabi ng kanyang ina former pres.Cory Aquino sa isang interview noong panahon noong siya pa ang pres. ng Pilipinas …,Ang ating kaunlaran ay nakasalalay sa susunod na pangulo ng Plipinas hintayin na lang natin.., yung may tapang buo ang loob may kakayahang magdisisyon sa napakakomplikadong bagay,katulad niyan dapat isaalang -alang ang kapakanan ng mamamayang Filipino hindi tayo nakakasiguro kung magging SAFE ang mamayang filipno kapag tinanggap na 40-40-20% sharing scheme
    ng gov. ng Pilipinas..

  87. puwedeng mangyari ang pag unlad ng ating bansa kung lahat tayo ay kikilos. lahat sinisisi natin ang guberno pero tayo ang nagpaupo sa kanila.tanggapin natin ang katotohanan na may kasalanan din tayo na mamamayan kase tuwing darating ang election marami sa atin ang nagpapabola binigyan lang tayo ng kaunting halaga cge bigay naman natin ang gusto nila.kaya pag gagastos cla ng malaki pag cla na ang nakaupo babawiin nila sa pera ng taong bayan ang ginastos nila. kaya kung gusto natin na may pagbabago sana simulan natin sa sarili natin, sa pamilya, baranggay na wag tayong magpa dala sa binibigay nila sa atin na kaunting halaga. kung minsan pa cnasabi ng pulitiko:pag ako nakaupo tutulungan ko ang anak nyo na makapasok sa trabaho maraming pangako saatin. kaya tayong mamamayan ang unang gagalaw para hindi tayo maibenta sa ibang bansa pumili tayo ng papaupuin na mamumuno sa atin. sabi nyo nga yong may malasakit sa bansa natin.

  88. I think there must be a concerted public-private-media-and international community campaign for this….first…let the major networks, ABS-CBN, GMA-7, TV-5 corroborate these informations, and do a TRUE DOCUMENTARY that will expose, campaign and make all parties, especially FILIPINOS aware of this…this will be our PATRIMONY to the WORLD. I also suggest that our SCIENCE AGENCIES, UNIVERSITIES, ORGANIZATIONS, and a long list of PINOY INVENTORS, ENGINEERS, PHILOSOPHERS, LEADERS and YES, MIRIAM DEFENSOR-SANTIAGO create a PEOPLE’S BASED COMMISSION to continuously educate, safeguard, campaign and be WATCHDOGS for what is truly a treasure coming from the Philippines,and must be SHARED to the rest of humanity and to the WORLD. THE UNITED NATIONS must see itself as a PROTECTOR and as IMPERATOR to see to it that the RIGHTS of the PHILIPPINES must be first so enshrined and recognized, and as to regulate and adjudicate any and all other international interests.

  89. yang political dynasty na yan ang tinitira ng mga kalyado noon ni cory pero ng maupo halos lahat ng kapatid at bayaw tumakbo sa senado at congresso nanalo lahat kc hawak nila ang power..kung aalisin yng politikal dynasty at babawasan o babaan ang sweldo ng presidente, v-pres. senador at congressman at pati gobernador .at mayor tyak walang mag aagawan sa pwesto bk tulakan ang mangyayare..di walang gulo at bantayan para di makapag nakaw sa kaban ng bayan..

  90. Dapat pag-aralan mabuti yan ng ating gobyerno para sakali matuloy na ay mahango na ang ating bansa sa kahirapan at mabayaran ang lahat ng utang, at ang mga OFW dito na lang sa atin magtrabaho. Siguro naman sa laki ng pondong mapo produce nyan maraming pagawaan na ang mage-generate nyan at sapat na yun para di na mag abroad ang mga tao natin. At dapat mawala na rin sa Gobyerno ang lahat ng corrupt para magkaroon na talaga nang tamang Pamahalaan ang Bansa natin. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

  91. kapag ginalaw yang deuterium na yan ay malaking problema ng tao,,isipin na lang naung mga natural resources sa ibabaw ng lupa pag inabuso ay malaki ang pinsala na dinudulot sa tao at hindi nagiging balanse ang lahat ng bagay sa mundo, paano pa kung ung mismong nasa ilalim ang pakikialaman ng tao,hindi ba kaya sa parteng yan iniligay ng DIYOS ang mineral na yan ay para maging balanse ang ikot ng mundo at buhay ng tao? matagal na ang tungkol sa DEUTERIUM na ito, matanda na ako pero hanggang ngayon pinagaaralan pa rin kung dapat bang galawin ito.


  93. I just hope that some greedy politicians and businessmen this time will put the whole Philippines welfare first and foremost before anybody or country. To the people who are in power please bear in mind that you were voted by the people of the Philippines and are expected to stand up and fight for their rights. You must have seen the victims on and after the devastation of typhoon Haiyan, and you must have seen too how much it touches the heart of the people all over the world. I,am expecting you all who have cheated the Filipino people in any ways like through abuse of power and connections will instead have a loving heart after being blinded by greed. Please make sure the agreements on developing the Philippines wealth will always be for the benefit of the people of the Philippines up to the future generations. If ever you get bribed for a huge amount of money just think like this ” if at the start they can give you that huge amount they must be getting a huge multiplication of that amount.” You think you are smart after accepting a bribe I say no you are not they will actually think you are clueless and they are smarter than you.

  94. Just so, I thought all of the Filipinos won’t be able to escape from poverty but, in order to do that, Filipinos shall take time to think before they got to jump a conclusion. We have to think and think and think before we vote for a candidate. Because how can we progress if there are still corrupt politicians, whose business is to hide all the profits in their pocket, just like what happen to the recently pork barrel scam. I hope that we must take our time to research on facts about what’s going on to our country because in the end we will all just take the goods in our hands. And no one ever in the world, even, those famous countries, shall belittled us again.

  95. Ang dami kasing corrupt na nakaupo sa ating pamahalaan. Kasala rin naman natin yan ehhh, tayo kasi yung bumoto sa kanila. Sana PAGKAGASTUSAN naman nila yan at maglaan rin sila ng panahon upang makaahon ang ating bansa sa kahirapan. Baka ibang bansa ang makinabang. Sayang yan ! Bigay ni GOD yan ! TAyo na lang ang kikilos.

  96. narinig ko na to noon pa… pero ngaun ko lang nakita sa intenet tong research blog na to…. may nagsabi sakin na matagal na na pinag aralan to… infact may research facility na to and may mga scientist fom japan na pumunta ng pilipinas para lang tumulong sa research… alam din to ng mga oil companies kaya nga daw nag bribe sila nung mga tao na nagstart ng research tungkol dito para lang wag matuloy kasi nga naman malulugi sila… kaya daw sarado yung reserch facility na yun ngaun


  98. kong ganon pala nasa atin ang yaman ng kalikasan ay dapat bigyan pansin ito ng pamahalaan aquino para mapaolad ang ating bansa na hindi na maghihirap ang bansang pilipinas malaking kawalaan ito sa ating bansa kong baliwalain nya ito .kong ang ibang bansa ay intresado dito sa natoklasan sa pilpinas ,hayaan ba natin mawala sa atin ito , sana kayong na nakaopo sa gobyerno gawin ang dapat para mapaonlad ang ating ekonomiya sa pilpinas , para hndi mapunta sa mga banyagang namumuhonan sa ating bansa

  99. first ,we need political stability… to gain better economy! and to have equal distribution of wealth.hangat may corrupt kahit ano yaman ang nanjan hirap parin tau,tayong mamamayan ng pinas.

  100. tama pala talaga si bush sa isang interview na ang pilipinas ang pinaka mayamang bansa sa buong mundo..

    nag simula lang nmn talagang naging magulo ang pilipinas at nag hirap ng naging presidente si cory..

    problema lang talaga sa pilipinas ay pamamalakad ng gobyerno…at sistemang walang kwenta..ibang mga pulitikong gahaman sa kayamanan.. isama pa ang mga botanteng di na pag boto ng tamang kandidato..

    naway sana dumating ang panahon at ma abutan ko pang wala ng pinoy ang nangingibang bayan at nakikipag sapalaran sa ibang bansa…

  101. For that you need a very wise president with heart to depend the Philippine wealth and the Pilipinos. Kac Philippine has no resources to suck this treasure out of deep sea. Good man from Philippine like Engineers and all other good people are send to work for other country. So Philippines must sell this treasure to other country like as usuall Philippines has to buy everything from other country because Philippines are not building anything for the good of the country, They are not thinking about the future but the money now in their own acct. and not thinking about the people that surviving or dying..medicine are too expensive and salary too little for 100 dollar a month nobody can send kids to school..but so what? nobody care about this, nobody fight for human rights . Is 20 years from now Philippines not getting better but worser. Cncia ka nlng kung filipino ka pinanganak. magdusa ka. There is no better future to look forward to as long Philippines are govern with selfish Pilipinos

  102. Umpisahan na yan,ASAP! kelan pa ba, ASAP? habang buhay pa tayo dapat simulan na yan, ASAP! Sino magsimula para sa pagbabago..

    “Philippines can be the richest country in the world, due to its vast deuterium and oil fields including its mineral resources”

  103. Sa tingin ko madedevelop lang at mapapakinabangan ng mga tao (lalo na ng mga Pilipino) ang biyayang ito ng Kalikasan sa itinakdang panahon ng Panginoong Dios, sabi nga sa English “in God’s time”. Kasi kung aasa tayo na ngayon sa kasalukuyang panahon ito magaganap ay malabo pa, kasi wala pang pagkakaisa ang lahat, kaya dapat lakasan pa natin at laliman ang panalangin sa Dios na nawa’y ipagkaloob na Niya ang biyayang ito. Sa totoo lang ito naman talaga (Deuterium of Hydrogen Fuel) ang nakatakdang maging gamit na panggatong ng lahi ng tao sa hinaharap, kasi nga paubos na rin ang mina ng langis sa Earth (fossil fuel deposits). Pero syempre me dapat munang gawin ang tao para nya makamtan ang “biyayang” ito ng Dios. Dalawang bagay lang naman ito, at ito nga ay madalas sabihin ng karamihan pero di pa naisasagawa. Una- Ibigin mo ang Dios ng higit sa lahat, Ikalawa- Ibigin mo ang iyong kapwa ng tulad sa pag-ibig mo sa iyong sarili. Kapag nagawa nating lahat ang 2-bagay na yan ay magaganap ang lahat nating nanaisin, sapagkat sa sandaling ginagawa na ng tao ito wala na ang panganib na pwedeng makasira sa lahi ng tao ang “Advanced Technology” ng Hydrogen Fuel. Kaya ngayon para dun sa di pa naipapamuhay ang 2 bagay na binangit ni Lord Jesus sa Holy Bible pwede na nating umpisahan para mapadali ang pagdating ng “biyayang inaasam natin”.

  104. Well this is an old news back more than 20 years ago. Every Filipinos were very exited particularly OFWs for they can go home and leave their Arab employers and the hardships they suffered for the Philippines would become the richest country in the world. There was a Filipino company I believe who promoted this idea and invited investors. Alas upon investigation, the office was nowhere to be found including all the money invested. It’s true that the Philippine Deep has unlimited deuterium but nowhere is the technology to extract them at this time or in the near future. So I suggest it’s best to forget about this and concentrate on what we’re doing to have a better life.

  105. Philippines will never be change as long as the citizens gets brainwashed so easily, and can be paid small amount to vote for a corrupt official, Kasi nagsisimula ang corruption sa mga mamayan ng Bansa (pwera dun Sa hinde nabibili ang boto pag dating ng election)

  106. para sakin hindi ko muna iisipin to.. matagal pa to.. kailangan muna natin mag simula sa pinaka ilalim ulit at unti unting umakyat pataas.. hindi pa naman huli ang lahat.. kaya pang bumangon kung gugustuhin.. naniniwala akong presidente ang pinaka makapang yarihan pag dating sa pamumuno ng bansa kaya sana iboto natin kung sino ang nararapat para hindi na mag paulit ulit ang scenario.. sa pag boto nyo o hindi lang sa pag boto, tayo at sa atin mismo mag sisimula ang pagbabago.. kung gusto natin makamit ang tunay na pag babago syempre diba dapat mag simula sa atin ito? aanhin nga naman natin kasi ang magaling na presidente kung ang pinamumuno nitong bansa ay walang disiplina, walang puso at iba pa.. gising na guys, mag sisimula ang maliit nating hakbang tungo sa pag unlad kapag nakapag luklok tayo ng mga nararapat.. wag tayo masilaw sa pera dahil nauubos yan.. nag ka pera ka nga, pero habang buhay ka naman mag sisisi.. i know hindi lahat ng tao kayang tumanggi sa pera dahil sa hirap ng buhay ngayon pero guys isipin nyo, mahirap pa rin naman tayo kahit nakuha natin yung pera na un dba?.. ayun masyado nang mahaba to………………..
    last na line na to.. “I LOVE PHILIPPINES” :)

  107. Yung itinataboy niyong mga “banyaga”.yun yung tumutulong sa pilipinas ngayon,yung mga politician nio nungka na nagpakita.haha.mapa tungkol sa hidden wealth o sakuna.kelangan ng pinas ng foreign expertise .sad but true

  108. Isa po akong seafarer na nakaassign sa offshore industry na nakabase dito sa norway…at mkikita dito sa norway na patunay n isa ang pinas sa may malaking deposit ng langis at tinatawag n hydrogen fuel…may isang site po na pwede kaung maging updated dahil sila ang tumtutok d2 sa usapin n eto( ..dahil sa totoo lang di pa maasyado pinapublicity alam nyo n maraming nagiinterest sa malaking pera n e2 at magiging ugat tlga ng gyera…may mga contractor n nakikipagbidding pra masimulan n eto kso mejo nagkakaroon p ng kunting problema dahil di magkasundo sa partehan ang govt at investor…Mga kababayan tutukan natin natin eto dahil ang lubos n makikinabang dito ang mga anak natin at mga susunod pang mga henerasyon…Magbasa,magmasid at umaksyon tayo pra sa ating kinabukasan,wag hayaan mga mapagsamantalang nasa gobyerno ang makinabang d2.. eto ung site pra mas maintindihan nyo ang article n e2.God Bless Philippines.Bangon Pinas.

  109. In the mid 80′s ito na ang bukang bibig ng iilang mga nangangampanyang kandidato sa atin at isa na si Nona Calo claimed to be a scientist who was racing for the congress in Agusan (Mindanao),but unfortunately she didn’t win the race. I doubt this isn’t true because this could be a very big business and every big investors will be rushing to be part of this. But i still hope na totoo to at mgkaroon ng taong mailagay sa pwesto ng gobyerno upang isulong ang proyektong ito naway makaahon na ang ating bansa.

  110. ayan nanaman eh, Filipino Pride, pag ni lait tayo ng ibang bansa eh, todo react agad tayo? pakiramdam naten aping-api tayo? ano bang meron saten na wala sakanila? bakit ba ang tingin naten saating mga pinoy eh, tayo ang mga “chosen ones” ? bakit ang tataas ng pride naten? under the skin, pare-parehas naman tayong mga tao eh, kahit anong race, kaya wag tayo maging mapagmataas, alam niyo mas okay kung ung ipag mamalaki naten eh, tayo ang gumagawa, hindi ginagawa ng iba, ipag malaki naten na “warm hearted” and “hospitable”, d naman tayo ang lageng pinakamagaling or pinakamatalino, kung tayo pinaka magaling saka matalino, dapat tayo na ang pinakamayamang bansa, ehh….. anyare? di ba? kaya kung ako sainyo try kaya naten maging humble minsan, at mahalin ang kapwa Pinoy naten. OK? peace out

  111. pinakamainam na mag invest ang gov’t sa education… research and development mula sa mga magagaling na studyante nga Pilipinas,,, iskolar na pag aralin ng bansa ang ating mga kababayan kung paano gamitin ang mga yaman na ito… bumuo ng grupo ng mga iskolar na tututok lamang sa pag aaral tungkol sa proyektong ito… sa galing ng pinoy… tayo mismo ang mkinabang dito…

    we only need a sincere leader dedicated to his cause for a better Philippines…

  112. Hindi ba kau nagtataka kung bakit napakaraming bansa ang tumutulong sa atin ngayun..dahil alam nila pagdating ng panahon tau ang tutulong sa kanila..dahil tau na ang pinakamayamang bansa sa abuong mundo..ang panawagan ko sa ating pangulo ay kumilos na cia ito na ang tamang panahon para umasenso tau at tingalain sa buong mundo na ang bansang pilipinas ang the most reachest in the world.God Bless Pilipino..:-)


    Deuterium (symbol D or 2H, also known as heavy hydrogen) is one of two stable isotopes of hydrogen. It has a natural abundance in Earth’s oceans of about one atom in 6,420 of hydrogen. Thus deuterium accounts for approximately 0.0156% (or on a mass basis: 0.0312%) of all the naturally occurring hydrogen in the oceans, while the most common isotope (hydrogen-1 or protium) accounts for more than 99.98%. The abundance of deuterium changes slightly from one kind of natural water to another (see VSMOW).
    The nucleus of deuterium, called a deuteron, contains one proton and one neutron, whereas the far more common hydrogen isotope, protium, has no neutron in the nucleus. The deuterium isotope’s name is formed from the Greek deuteros meaning “second”, to denote the two particles composing the nucleus.[1] Deuterium was discovered and named in 1931 by Harold Urey, earning him a Nobel Prize in 1934. This followed the discovery of the neutron in 1932, which made the nuclear structure of deuterium obvious. Soon after deuterium’s discovery, Urey and others produced samples of “heavy water” in which the deuterium has been highly concentrated with respect to the protium.
    Because deuterium is destroyed in the interiors of stars faster than it is produced, and because other natural processes are thought to produce only an insignificant amount of deuterium, it is presently thought that nearly all deuterium found in nature was produced in the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, and that the basic or primordial ratio of hydrogen-1 (protium) to deuterium (about 26 atoms of deuterium per million hydrogen atoms) has its origin from that time. This is the ratio found in the gas giant planets, such as Jupiter. However, different astronomical bodies are found to have different ratios of deuterium to hydrogen-1, and this is thought to be as a result of natural isotope separation processes that occur from solar heating of ices in comets. Like the water-cycle in Earth’s weather, such heating processes may enrich deuterium with respect to protium. In fact, the discovery of deuterium/protium ratios in a number of comets very similar to the mean ratio in Earth’s oceans (156 atoms of deuterium per million hydrogens) has led to theories that much of Earth’s ocean water has a cometary origin.[2][3]
    Deuterium/protium ratios thus continue to be an active topic of research in both astronomy and climatology.

  114. Mga ‘tol, maganda ang hangarin ng ulat na ‘to. Pero subukan niyo muna saliksikin kung ano ba ang “DEUTERIUM”. Kung maganda ba o hindi ito para sa Pilipino at sa buong mundo? Baka mag-iba ang isip niyo pagnalaman niyo ang ilang gamit ng “DEUTERIUM” na ito. Salamat.

  115. please share this, Filipino govt. corrupt 10billion known 2 months before typhoon, if not of that Philippine wont be begging for help!!!!!!!.. “very disgusting Filipino govt, just talks but no actions… Please filipino, share this link, it’s the only way to save our countrymen in poverty, I bet you that multi-billion donations will be corrupted too, it’s not reaching the typhoon victims and it won’t!!!!

  116. think before act… pra sa aking opinyon..
    1st. ang pilipinas po ay member ng IMF (International Monetary Fund) at UNITED NATIONS,, base sa kasunduan ng lahat ng members ay “BAWAL MAG TAYO NG NEGOSYO NA KAKALABAN SA KANILA” feel free na mg basa po tayo ng IMF organization at United Nations Agreement sa mga website nila..
    2nd. opinion,, i dont agree sa 40/40/20 na Agreement dahil ang gusto ay sa “GOVERNMENT” not to “PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES” napakalaking pag kakaiba po nito.. pag aralan po muna natin kung paano mapupunta sa mga mamayan ng pilipinas ang kikitain bago tyo makipg kasundo sa anumang negosyo sa bansa natin.
    3rd. napakarami n po na pilipino ang gusto tumulong sa mga mamayan ng pilipinas pero sila lahat halos ay nabigo, simula pa sa Golden Buddha Treasures hanggang sa mga imbensyon sa tubig at natural sources of energy, dahil ang gusto nila ay ang kikitain ay pra sa “PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES” pero ayaw ng “BIG BROTHER” (whos big Brother?)

  117. thats a good ideas and if that is happen sana lang maging makinabang ang lahat ng mga filipino para naman umunlad na ang bansang pilipinas pero para sa akinm magiging matagumpay lang ang proyektong yan kung wala na ang mga corrupt sa pamahalaan, naiintindihan ko na hindi madaling gawin ang linisin ang pamahalaan pero kung hindi natin gagawin ngayon kailan pa sa ngayon papalaki ng papalaki ang utang ng pilipinas kailangan na sigurong gawin ang pag eexplore ng natural gas na yan at ng sa ganoon makatulong sa pagpapaunlad ng ating ecoMics.ang sabi nga ang anim na taon na termino ng isang pangulo sa pilipinas ay maiksi kung ito ay gumagawa ng maganda pero ito ay napakatagal kung ito puro kawalanghiyan ang ginagawa.MGA KABABAYAN SANA MAANTAY PA NATIN ANG PAGBABAGO NG ATING INANG BAYAN, ANG CORRUPT NA POLITIKO TAYO RIN ANG MAY GAWA DAHIL SA ELECTION AY NAG IINVEST SILA NG MALAKING HALAGA PAG NAKAUPO NA SILA BAWI ANG INVESTMENT TUBO AY DOBLE PA MASISISI BA NATIN SILA . POLITICS IN THE PHILIPPINES IS NOW A BUSINESS IN ANY BUSINESS YOU NEED TO INVEST TO EARN PROFIT YAN ANG ATING MGA POLITICIAN SA PINAS KAYA DAPAT ALISIN SA KANILA ANG SALITANG HONORABLE.

  118. Grateful to those who exposed deuterium deposits in the Deep Trench. The Filipino technocrat linked with the world’s best can tap this vast resource. We also have other resources hidden in secret locations: buried Yamashita treasures and Marcos re buried gold, both claimed to be vast wealth beyond imagination claimed to be owned by western powers..

    Now we have evidences to prove vast oil and natural deposits besides precious and rare earth elements are found here too.

    I share the doubts of many Filipinos that we can tap this wealth and treasures. Wikipedia has report dating back American occupation days when kept geologic records revealed presence of petroleum deposits , where such secret news were kept solely for p “eyes only ” of the American occupiers.


  120. Bilang isang Pilipino at ngayon ay ating bansa ay talagang sa dami ng yari currapt sa goverment, sakuna ibat-ibang bahagi ng lugar ng pilipinas, kahirapan, kawalan ng trabaho at napakaraming pilipino na lumabas ng bansa para kumikita sa pamilya at madami pa. sana itong INFOAMTION “INPORMASYON NA ITO” wag itago sa mga katulad kong “PILIPINO” Dapat ipag Laban ng “GOBYERNO” Ang Sariling Ating at wag Sana Gawing Kaban Lang ng “YAMAN” ng mga “POLOITKO” walang pakialam sa “KAPWA NILA PILIPINO” na pansarili lang “INIISIP” kung darating man ito sa atin ay ” ATING PAG KA INGATAN AT ALAGAAN DILANG SA PANAHON MAG KATOTO LAHAT YAN KUNG DI PARA SUSUNOD ATING HENERASYON SA ATING MGA ANAK, APO AT SUSUNOD SA KANILA” wag nating muli Mawalan “RESPETO AT MALIITIN ang BAYANG PILIPINAS pag ityo man “MAGKATOTOO”

  121. SABI NGA NG ISA SA MGA NAGING PRES. NG U.S.A na ang pinaka mayaman na bansa ay ang pilipinas.. so think about it :) kaya VOTE wisely for PRESIDENT… kaya try ko si Marcos pag lumaban… :) GOD BLESS everyone.

  122. Hindi ko po alam kung totoo man na may deutherium nga tayo sa philippine deep, ito po ay theoritical lamang. Base po kasi ito sa idea na kapag tayo ay sumisid patungong ilalim ng dagat, lalaki nang lalaki ang compressive force o pressure ang mararanasan ng isang bagay. Kaya theoretically, sa lalim na – sabihin nalang natin- 10,000 metro, ang molecules ng tubig (H2O) ay mabibiyak– kakalas ang oxygen, maiiwan ang H2 (heavy water). Lahat po ng ito ay magaganap sa loob ng Philippine Trench. Kung igoogle nyo po ang trench, ito po yung mga malalalim na biyak sa ilalim ng dagat. Para po itong napakahabang kanal at dito po maiipon ang H2.
    Kaya ko po muling pinaliwanag ito ay upang maintindihan ng lahat na: walang Drilling na magaganap sa buong proseso na magsasanhi ng mas malakas pa na lindol. Kung meron man ay cguro para lang ma isecure ang infrastructura na hihigup ng H2.
    Ang nakikita ko pong iilan na dahilan na naghahadlang para malikha po ito ay materyalis na gagamitin na kayang tumagal sa 10000 psi o higit pa.
    Pangalawa ay ang seguridad na walang malaking pagsabug na mangyari sa pagmimina nito. Isaisip po natin na ang hydrogen ay napaka volatile. Baka maging hiroshima at nagasaki ang kahahantungan ng pilipinas kapag may pagsabug na maganap. Isipin nalang din natin kung mapasakamay ng mga terorista kahit maliit lang na volume.
    Ito ay iilan lang po sa mga naintindihan ko sa paksang ito.

    • Meron po tayong mga Safety Engineers pra gumawa ng mga Safety Measures.About Mining Operation there is very low chances of explosion because deuterium is heavy water only. Sa refinery dun malaki ang chance ng explosion hazard kaibigan. Anyway do it safe, I think so that this hydrogen is the safest fuel to be used in our technology.God bless us..

      • Best wishes for all OFW for me am willing to contribute and ask support from worldwide kabayan para maumpisahan lang ang project na ito, dahil pag umangat ang value ng currency natin wala ng lalabas ng bansa, kaya lang naman nag abroad dahil ang sweldo ay maihabol sa International wages standard para matustusan ng maayos ang familya sa pag paaral, pagpagamot at iba pang social life na dapat yan ang tamasahin natin sa Pilipinas. Pag naandyan sa sariling atin bansa ordinary wage earner with 3 children can sent his children up to vocational courses only…am sure…that’s the fact why we OFW are suffering living away from our home land…

  123. Sa totoo lang ang yaman ng bansang pilipinas…kaya ang daming umaagaw sa atin…unang una na china…kaya sabi din kahit anong mangyari di tau pababayaan ng america…pero sana nga,,,tamang proseso ang mangyari d2 kadi para ito sa mga sambayanang pilipino….

  124. ang gagaling nyo naman,, in the first place lahat naman tayo iisa ang isip ,sino ba sa inyo ang hindi interesado maging lingkod ng bayan kahit councellor lang o di kaya barangay kagawad,kasi lahat tayong pilipino ay may angking yabang sa lahat ng bagay,gusto natin tayo ay sikat ,gusto natin tayo ay papansinin sa daan habang naglalakad tayo, gusto natinmay lumalapit sa atin sa oras ng may nangangailangan kasi parang dun natin nafefeel na yun ang nararapat dahil feeling natin sikat tayo sa madaling salita tayo ay mayayabang ,aminin nyo man o hindi .kahit ikaw o ako nagsasalita ngayon ng di magaganda sa mga politiko.ikaw kaya ang halimbawa nasa pwesto na yan ano ang gagawin mo,ganun din kasi pasa pasa na yan wala ng pagbabago kahit isandaang taon pa ang i right??the things that we can do least thing kung meron man tayong yaman nba ganyan i develop na yan kahit sino pa ang nandyan sa gobyerno at least mandugas man sya meron tayong source na pinagkukunan di tulad ngayun nangungurakot sila sA KABAN NG YAMAN NG PILIPINAS NA HALOS IBUWIS ANG BUHAY NAMING MGA OFW PARA LANGF MAY MAIPADALA DYAN SA PINAS .NGOYON KUNG MADEDEVELOP YAN SA MADALING PANAHON THERE ARE SOME RESOURCES NA MAPAGKUKUNAN AT IN THGE END AASENSO PA RTIN TAYO,AT UNTI UNTI NATING IAPPLY ANG STRICT GOVERNANCE NANG ATING GOBYERNO WHICH IS MAGAGAWA NA NATIN YAN DAHIL NAKATUTUK NA SA ATIN ANG MGA BANSA BILANG FASTEST GROWTH ECONOMY IN THE WORLD…SAMA BA KAYO SA AKIN ???

  125. sana kumilos na ang ating mahal na pangulo na gawin na e2 pra wla napong pinoy na mangibang bansa. magpapakahirap at isa na ako sa naghihirap d2 sa saude,sa ating mahal na pilipinas na ako gustong tumira at magnegosyo.sna tayo mgtulungan at sabay sabay samsamin ang ating pagunlad at sna wla ng kurakot. im hoping na maranasan nating lahat na mga pilipino ang sagana sa pamumuhay at wla ng ibang lahi na mang aapi sa mga pilipino.

      • hala, asyong aksaya gagastos ka pa, kamahal ng kawayan ngayon, bakit di na lang tangkay ng papaya ang gamitin dahil ala na mang pera ang goberno natin, na pork barrel scum na, kaya ganon na lang parusang gawin natin pag tina ytanong !, I dont know ang sagot,… kaya pagtulungin na yang mga character na yan mag dugtong dugtong ng tangkay nang papaya at syang gamitin para sipsipn ang Lyhi fuel na yan ok…parusa ng taong bayan di maparusahan ng gobyerno…

  126. Gaea is not as healthy as before anymore. We people must realize that not all in nature pwede po nating pakialaman for they strengthen our planet. May mga bantay po ang kalikasan mapatubig man o mapalupa. And we shouldn’t be surprised if earthqualkes, storms and other calamities hit because of the imbalances due to weak mineral deposits and lack of trees. Let us all be guardians of God’s creations because God Himself doesn’t want to see his people suffer due to negligence. Let us learn to preserve what we have and restore what we have lost. Our mother nature needs our care and attention. Let us respond responsibly to her rather than be more concerned with earthly things.

  127. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Naipaliwanag ko na ito noon sa College bilang instructor sa aking mga estudyante at mga co-teachers from 1996 hanggang 2004. At least napatunayan ko na na tama ang aking mga nasabi tungkol sa Deuterium gas na matatagpuan sa ating bansa particularly sa Philippine deep. Kaya lang hindi kaya ng ating bansa na madevelop ito dahil sobrang lalim nito at sa laki ng gastos na gagamitin. Ang Deuterium gas na ito ay hindi mauuubos dahil ang Pilipinas ang naging catch basin sa mga deuterium ng ibang bansa. Ibig sabihin nito, habang binabawasan ang volume nito, mapapalitan ito. Yes, matagal na panahon pa bago ito ma-exploit.

  128. This is the right time to na kumilos..kmi mga ofw nag wo work dito sa middle east na oil n gas industry, handa nmin i share ang mga alam nmin sa pag explore ng resources para muli mag stand out ang pilipinas sa kabila ng mga trahedya na inabot natin..At para wala na ring Ofw at makasama nmin ang mga mahal nmin sa buhay..Bangon Pilipinas ngayon Na ….

  129. we may have vast almost inexhaustible supply of heavy water but sadly we will not benefit from any of this…you have to face reality that we never benefitted from any of our natural resources that is being under government control. they sell us off like livestock just to scheme off extra wealth from the true owners of the land which is its people. look what happened with our natural gas that was bought off and paid for nickels to a dollar that GMA did. they lied about making our electricity bills go lower and our LPG prices were never stable and affordable. instead they sell us back in three folds which does not only make a profit for them but sucks us out to pay for something we already owned. these foreign big business will never allow us to use these kinds of resources to further our society. they want us to stay poor. being poor always places itself under the control of the rich. if our government has the real intention of helping its people, they should allow us to freely market our resources and not detract us,even discouraging our inalienable right to produce from our own territories. our government should be encouraging us to further its science and provide the necessary tools and materials that would be contributing to its usage. after which, if everything goes well, the government should initiate to increase our standard of living and lowering exhorbitant taxes both from the LGUs and national government. this is by way of paying back to the people the bounties that their land has given them. sadly, with its present state, a corrupt government will never allow this to happen. they will always be in the control of the big foreigh businesses and globalist banks. how do we know that? easy. every directive that came from UN we follow, even the illegal implementation of its Agenda 21 where it enslaves us in the name of environmental BS. even people from the government believes what IPPC says on global warming which is utterly false corrupted with stupidly manipulated datas. if they can control us with this, how much more with exploiting and benefitting from this vast natural resource. hopefully one day, we get up and smell the coffee. we have to take part and be actively aware from manipulations from foreign money junkies. take back what is already ours and follow our terms, not theirs. i believe in the filipino spirit of being resilent but i believe more in the filipino spirit’s love of fairness and justice.

  130. sigurado ako na nag iisip na ang mga buwaya sa senado kung magkano ang maibubulsa nila, nagbibilang na ng sisiw na di pa pisa ang itlog :-) yun nga lang wala naman silang mga utak para maisakatuparan at maging realidad ang isang proyekto kasi ang nasa isip nila kumamal lang ng salapi na di sila ang naghirap. makasarili at balasubas.

  131. Well if this thing really going to happen,I just hope that investment profit will not go into the hand of corrupt politicians..and hopefully will be used properly to transform our country to become one of the world leading industries with democratic government with zero poverty….:)

  132. mas maganda sigurong umpisahan yan proyektong yan kung tanggalin muna sa position ang mga kurap opisyal na silang dahilan ng ating pamumulubi, bakit? kasi hanggat nanjan sa position ang mga kurakot na opisyal, nag-iisip n sila kung ano ang gagawin nila para sa kinilang sarili at pamilya. kaya nga ayaw nilang patanggal ang DYNASTY sa politika para pag natapos yung termino ng ama, kapatid o kamag-anak may uupo ulit sa knilang position upang ipagpatuloy ang kanilang nasimulan, ayaw nilang makita o maibulgar yung kanilang baho dahil marami silang itinatagong kawalang-hiyaan sa kaban ng bayan at sa inang bayan. kailangan po ang pagbabago sa pulitika ng ating bansa bago maresolba ang kahirapan ng ating inang bayan..

    • NGO ang labas natin nyan but this project required a government to govenmt deal, pang malakasan na kaya di na natin mahintay na alisin pa ang mga bulok sa goberno kaso naandyan na yan panahon pa ng mga sina unang politika wala pa ang pilipinas ang politica ay kasma na ang corruption… sana maunawaan nyo ang matitinong politico na ngsi sikap, ngunit hirap talaga sila dahil kung baga kikilos man sila naandyan ang resistant sa kanilang harapan mga devil opposing the gud moves for the people… so be it start na yan…

  133. This is what my dad told me…he read this way before but he said this kind of investment will take time because this natural asset sets too deep… hope an ongoing study for this is already set so we can start soon..

  134. Pordios por Santo…unsa pay guihulat ang mga intsik? Edevelope na ninyo na aron mapahimoslan natong mga Pinoy nga nagkalisud sa dili na mangadto sa laing nasud para mag OFW, mag pa alila ug mapa olipon sa mga bungoton…..Bantayan nga dili makurakot sa mga kurakot ug mapahimoslan sa tanang pinoy dili lang sa manga adunahan ug bantayang dili maadto sa mga dayuhan…..God Bless Philippines…..

  135. Ang dami naman lumalabas na mga issue. Eh ilang decada na ang nakaraan. Kung toto sana gawan na ng paraan para makaahon naman ang Philippines sa kaharipan. At ng mabayaran na rin utang s ibang mga bansa. Kelan lan yun din daw 440 billion tones of gold bar ng Philippines hiwahiwalay na deneposit ni marcos dun s mga bank. Abg 265 billion tones ay nanjan parin daw s underground ng central bank sabi ng International law.Hanggang ngayun naka deposito s malaysia,s zurich switzerland at japan. Eh bakit d asikasuhin at ng makatulong s mamayang filipino.Ewan sino ba dapat mamuno s mga pag aasikaso ng mga yaman ng bansa na tan..Good luck Philippines.

  136. antagal na ng deuterium na yan bakit parang andameng taong hindi alam yan? Saka hinde naman rare ang deuterium. Sa lahat ng tubig sa lahat ng dagat meron nyan

    Oo magagamit yan provided

    1. Makagawa ng nuclear fusion (ang gamit pa lang ngayun ay fission). Mag combine ng atoms to create energy. Goodluck. Lahat ng scientist yan ang inaalam pero di pa rin sila makagawa ng sustainable reaction. It can only occur naturally by the vast mass and gravity of stars.

    2. Kung magawa man ang isang nuclear fusion, hindi kekelanganin ang reserves ng pilipinas dahil maraming deuterium sa lahat ng karagatan. sowsko. Cguro nga concentrated ang deuterium sa philippine deep pero napaka impractical minahin nun. Why? kase..

    3. Kung kukunin mo ang deuterium sa ilalim ng ganyang kalalim na lugar, kelangan mo ng tubo na kakayanin ang pressure equal to 10,000 psi in all directions. Wala pang naiimbentong material na makaka withstand sa ganyang pressure

    4. may iba pang isotope ng hydrogen na mas madaling ma produce at minahin at gamitin. Tulad ng tritium

    5. Hinde purket malalim ang tubig, may deuterium na dun. Ina assume nila na dahil mabigat ang deuterium eh makikita iyon sa ilalim? NO! Hindi yan nagagawa out of natural processes by Earth. It all came as a remnant of the Big Bang. Where there is hydrogen, there is deuterium.


    >> Click mo ung sources na ginamit at wala NI ISA sa mga sources na yun ang nagbanggit ng deuterium KHIT ISANG BESES!!! mga irrelevant ung links. Tungkol sa hydrogen at hydrogen powered cars pero di naman un gumagamit ng deuterium mga punyetas!


    • Kahit d pa nman matuloy sa ngaun yang Deuterium gas na yan sa Pinas ay dpat wlang mahirap sa ating bansa.Kwentahin na lang nyo kung ilang bilyon o milyong piso yang pinag-uusapang ninakaw sa kaban ng bayan na dapat ang taong bayan ang makikinabang.Sabhin nalang ntin na ang Pilipinas ay may 100 milyong papulasyon sa ngayon?Khit tig 1 milyon n lang sana ang bawat mamamayan d ba?Mahiya nman kayong mga pulitiko at mga nasasabwat sa krimeng ito.At d ba kayo nakokonsenya na ang mga pinakakain nyo sa pamilya nyo ay galing sa nakaw.At rin ba kayo nahihiya sa Panginoon na malapit na kayo sa kanyang talaan.May mga mukha o kaluluwa pa ba kayong ihaharap sa kanya.Opinyon at kumento lamang po.Batu-bato sa langit tamaan ay d tatangapin sa langit.AMEN…………….

  137. dapat itong malaman ng lahat ng pilipino, dapat itong pagtuunan na ng pansin ng ating gobyerno, kasi itinatago pa nila ito para sila sila lng ang makinabang, bakit ba parating kasakiman ang laging nasa isip ng lahat ng politiko MAGBAGO NA KAYUNG MGA POLITIKO KAYO GISING ANG LAHAT NG TAO AT NAKIKITA LAHAT NG KASAKIMAN NYO HU, let our voice be heard, GOD BLESS PHILIPPINES


  139. BANGON PILIPINAS wag tayong pumayag na ang mga corrupt na nasa gobyerno pa natin ang maki nabang na dapat ay para sa ATIN at wag din tayong pumayag na mayaman lang sa tingin ang pilipinas datapwat ipakita natin at ipag malaki kung ano meron tayo .

  140. The process of extracting deuterium from the deep is imaginable and costly, this i imagine has long been scrap. It is a great undertaken for anyone even the richest country like USA on 1986. It is now 2013 and USA is not great anymore. Philippines may have to look for new investors like China who now has the money. Good luck.

  141. I think we have a lot of natural resources here in the Philippines not only Deuterium, and it makes the Philippines most richest country. Before we are the richest country in Asia, and we are the first country that have an airport and light rail transit, our major transportation here. As long as we have a bad government it really makes non-sense at all and all the Filipino is suffering from the debt of the Philippines in the world bank.

  142. Para matapos na ito, need na natin tawagan sila Bruce Willis, sila ang pinaka magaling na drillers asbi nga nila, Napakalaking Meteor nga sa outer space na drill nila di ba? DEUTERIUM mining panis yannnn!

  143. Aba ipatayo na agad ang planta wag na magpatumpik pa kung yan ang ikakaunkad ng lahat dapat yan ang isa sa pagtuunan ng panahon at para sa ganun in 4 to 5 years aani na ng sagana. Panatilihin si Noy Aquino as president sya ang may tunay na malasakit sa atin mga kababayan nya at nagmamahal sa bansa natin tapat maglingkod.

  144. dapat na tangapin na ang ganyang sharing scheme 40-40-2o is not bad sa envistor naman lalat na equiptment at facilities & beside makinabang rin ang pilipinp people kaysa nagpaalipin lang ang kawawang pinoy sa ibang bansa,, at inaabuso lang

  145. walang nangyayari kc mga inutil at duwag mga namumuno., maxado silang takot aa pagbabago., sana me isang leader na lumabas na matapang at kayang manindigan sa para sa bayan!!

  146. nako! hangang pangarap nalangyan..malamang patay na tayung lahat..hindi padinyan na uumpisahan! pag pera payan malamang nag kakandarapa ang mga mag nanakaw na pulitiko!!! BULSHIT!!! kaya tayung mga pilipino tamang alipin ng mga ibang mayayamang bansa kaya kung ayaw nyo magutom abay alis ng bansa at mag pa alipin sa ibang bansa! para sa mga mahal natin sa buhay!!

  147. Kung minsan,napakasarap alamin na ang pilipinas ay mayaman.subalit papano natin malasap ang kayamanan na ito kung ang nanunungkulan sa atin ay puro pangako pag dating ng kung naibuto na sarili ang inaasikaso at pinapayaman.
    nakakatakot malaman ngunit totoo.ang sabi ng Panginoon,:”Lahat ng pamunuan ay itinalaga ng Dios.”kung ganoon na ang isang namumuno ay itinalaga ng Dios at gumawa ng di maganda,malaki ang kanyang pananagutan una sa Dios at pangalawa sa taong bayan.ang kayamanan na ibinigay ng Dios sa bawat bansa ay ayon ito sa kanyakanyang pangangailangan ayon sa panukala na inilalaan ng Dios para sa ikabubuti ng bansa.wag po nating abusohin ito sa pagkat lahat ay may katapusan..matakot tayo sa may likha ng lahat ng kayamanan.ang Dios. ang may gawa ng lahat..purihin natin siya..

  148. To all the Filipino People Concern about this wealth and Blessing of the mother nature came from Almigthy God, 2 Chronicle 7 verse 14 “if my people who are” called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face. and turn from their wicked ways, them I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land. 15 verse.”Now” My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place.16 verse”For now” I have chosen and sanctified this house. that My name may be there forever:and eyes and heart will be there perpetually.
    Pray for our beloved President, people inside the senate who’s doing corruption, All the governments administrative offices that God will give them Wisdom and Knowledge with the Word of God in their heart and with Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom and understanding to have a good and better living of all Filipino people in the Philippines,
    God Bless you all Who’s praying our beloved country peoples and the governments workers.

  149. my dear countrymen, id like to believe this is true. But years hv passed nothing happened, because powerful nation will not allow us to overpower them, esp the middle east who controls oil refinery n dictates the world economy in terms of fuel price movements. we will never hv the support of United Nation, the ECC, G7, and other intl organzation. we cn never generate funds from foreign investors. why? Because our govt policies are corrupt. Our judicial n executive system are corrupt. we cannot handle this vast blessings with truthfulness. Why? because we have idiot citizens that contnuously vote for people that are corrupt. now, we still wonder and asks how come?

  150. only God knows what was really good to our country, to us people,sabi nga sa Bible “My thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways are not your ways, how high the Heaven, above the Earth, so are my ways and my thoughts,..”if there is really have a vast deposits of deuterium in our land, that was our Lord’s plan prepared for us in the future,” He promised in His Word ” For I know the plan i have for you, plan to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and the future,(and He said) you can come to me and pray and asked me and I will answer you.” .marked my word: it will come to pass…Amen!

  151. “It does not emit pollutants or any harmful carbon monoxide and does not cause any environmental problems because it is in the water family as emissions are nothing but water vapor or steam.”

    Yes, water vapor/steam is not a pollutant but it’s the most common greenhouse gas, therefore it will still cause environmental problems. It contributes to rapid climate change.

  152. tukayo….tama ka…kelangan muna alisin ng Dios ang mga ganid sa salapi,,,matitira ang mga tunay na nagmamahal sa kapwa, sa bayan at sa Dios.. that’s time the LORD shall shower His more than enough blessings.

  153. I’m not an engineer of something. But, logically thinking, extracting liquid from deep beneath the sea isn’t that hard, right?
    We can simply build a strong pipe which can withstand, at least, the sea current & make it’s way to the Trenches (which experts know exactly where) then suck that Deuterium for good.

    My idea is simply like having a Sago-gulaman drinks in a hot summer afternoon. In order to get the sago beneath that tall glass, either use a spoon, or better, a straw, then suck them up. There will be no (or less) pressure build-up inside the straw because no air will be inside it, right?

    Engineers here, please, say if this thing is stupid or genius. No offense will be taken. Just an idea. ;)

  154. Pag ingatan po natin na may mamuno sa ating bansa na may lahi at dugong Intsik at ang puso nya ay pabor sa bansang tsino….marami na tayong naging pinuno ng bansa..sana nman makita na natin ang tunay na may puso pra sa Bansang Pilipinas….at yung may malaking TAKOT sa DIYOS na ang lahat ng kanyang desisyon ay para sa Kaluwalhatian ng ating DIYOS…To God Be the Glory…….

  155. we’re not prepare to engage at this time… ang gulo pa ng politika natin, kaya lalo pang magugulo ang buhay nati’ng mga plnoy kung matutupad man ito!!!! ..MALAMPAYA nga ay nagugulo tayo, ito pa kaya! at ang laking balakid na makaisakatuparan ito ay ang mga negosyanteng naglagay sa sino mang tao sa pinakamataas puwesto ng ating bansa. and I heartily believed of what ninoy says: “It takes 100years before our dear land will change to its new IMAGE” ,mabubura muna ang lahat natin at papalitan sa bagong henerasyon,, at nakikita naman natin sa mga nagaganap mula nang mawala ang dakilang tao sa ating panahon. Hindi s’ya naniniwala sa kanyang sarili na mababago n’ya ang Pilipinas na kahit mapaibagsak si Marcos ay alam niyang hindi mawawala ang kurapsyon dahil malawak na talaga ang ugat nito. Ang masaklap ay mismong sa kanyang asawa ito’y napatunayan at sa kasalukuyan sa kanyang anak na naman. If there’s a shorter than a hundred years, God knows… baka padalhan nalang niya tayo ng parang teller machine, hehe”…we’ll just pray for our nation to be healed because God will provide.

  156. sa susunod, vote wisely… tayo dn nmn ang ngluluklok s mga opisyal ng gobyerno. lalo n ang nsa poverty line, maambunan lng ng konti iboboto na. hndi nla naiisip na ang pagpili ng tamang kandidato ang tutulong s kanilang umangat sa kahirapan.

    Panahon na para ang mga pilipino ang mgtaguyod ng sarili nating mga likas na yaman.

  157. ang akin naman dapat suportahan ng gobyerno ang nalikha ng ating mahusay na imbentor na si Mr. Dazo ang sasakyan na tubig ang pinanggagasolina? at about naman s deuterium?isipin natin ang kalalabasan kung sakaling namina na ito?baka may peligro na lumubog ang bansa natin?kasi halos lahat ng mga iniisip nyo ang minahin para makaahon sa hirap? ang mga dayuhan talagang miminahin yan kc wala silang pakialam kung ano man ang negative result?at ano ang ipapalit mo sa ilalim kung nakuha mo ang gusto mo? baka mas malala pa sa 7.2 magnitude ang mangyayaring movement ng lupa?may mga volcano tayong active ;di tulad ng middile east wala silang earthquake na nararanasan tulad ng bansa natin?tama yong isang nag comment na ang Japan bakit asinsado gayong wala sillang likas na yaman dahil sa sipag at talino? kaya din natin tapatan yon? basta nagkakaisa ang mga pilipino at walang corruption? suportahan lang ang magagaling nating MD;Enginers;imbintor ect. Manalig at Manalangin sa POONG may likha at sa kanyang anak na si JESUS. makakaahon tayo sa buhay?

  158. panloloko lang yata ang article na yan…. kung totoo yan dapat widely introduced na and deuterium or hydrogen fuel at di na ginagamit ang oil as main source of fuel… maraming mga technology tungkol sa energy…. may mga water fuel, pinoy pa ang isa mga mga inventor bakit di sinuportahan… pinopromote ang ibang source of energy tulad ng solar energy at battery pero may mas magaling at madali kaysa sa mga technology na yan…. tubig – number 1 source of energy, pwedeng gawing fuel yan….bakit sa pilipinas lang ba may malaking deposit ng deuterium??? im sure meron din sa ibang bansa consider ang lapad ng kanilang lupain at sakop, kaya din nilang i.maximize ang kanilang resources… kaya nga nilang payamanin ang bayan nila kahit kulang sila sa natural resources tulad ng japan…. di naman mas hamak na mayaman tayo in terms of natural resources at human resources pero bakit ba pulubi pa rin tayo??? alam nyo na ang sagot dyan…. dahil marami sa pilipino ang uto.uto…. tulad ng article na yan, marami na agad ang naniniwala…. hays, tingnan nyo naman ang realidad ngayon…. wala nga tayong mabuting teknolohiya, kahit na nga lang sa simpleng agrikultura wala tayo…. dapat kahit agrikultura na lang meron tayong sariling atin, eh wala…. naniniwala tayo sa sinasabi ng banyaga eh iba naman yung ginagamit nila kesa tinuturo nila sa atin… hay naku!!!! ewan ko sa inyo???

  159. hangat wala tayong pagmamahal sa sarile nating bayan, hindi uunlad ang ating bansa,pagdating kasi sa pera lahat nagiging gahaman, lalo na mga pulitiko satin, imbis na magkaisa para sa pag gawa ng batas na makakatulong sa pag unlad ng bansa natin at pag isip ng kung anu ang magandang gawin para sa ika-uunlad ng ating bayan, para sa kapakanan ng buong pilipino.ayun sila nag sisiraan sa congresso, at sa senado, bakit pa kayo mag sisiraan parepareho naman sila.bakit hindi na lng sila manahimik, alam na rin naman ng mga simpling mamayan kun sila, wag na sana mag siraan mga pulitikong yan wala na rin naman magagwa kun uusigin nyu pa kun sinu sinu mga magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan kasi baka lahat sila at mga ninuno pa nila puro sa kulungan pulutin, bakit hindi na lng mag tulungan,magkaisa at kalimutan ang pansariling intires., gumawa sana sila ng batas na pweding pakinabangan ng nakakarami lalo na kun paano natin maiaalis sa kahirapan ang ating bansa,

  160. Narinig ko na ito sa isang namayapa ng politiko noon sa kanyang miting de avance halos 2 dekada nga ang nakaraan. Ang gusto kasi ng gobyerno natin noon eh 60/40 agad ang hatiian gayon mag eexplore pa lamang. Kung pumayag lang sana noon, eh di na sana napilitan ang ating mga kababayan na mangibang bansa para doon magtrabaho kahit malayo. Wala sanang mga nasira at mga napariwarang pamilya. Puwede naman nilang mapagkasunduan kung hanggang kailan tatagal ang ganoon usapan. Sana malapit ng matupad nga ang pangarap ko na makita na ibang lahi ang sya naman ang nagsisilbi sa ating mga tahanan.

  161. What I’m concern about is how this will affect the environment. Another destruction if people won’t be careful. Philippines is such a small country. Whoops. Another discovery. Oh dear Lord, ward our country from the greediest country in the word… *cough*CN*cough*.

  162. whatever happened to the investment proposals from the US, Japan and Saudi Arabia, if ever there were? why is there no mention about the current status of development? were there problems encountered in the processing of government papers/permits? were there problems with the pumping technology? the article is silent on these matters. so what is the objective of the author and what is the value of this information?


  164. mahinapa standard ng pinoy . tibayen nyo muna batas nyo sa politika . kc gagamintin lang kyo pag ang pinas yumama lahat ng pilipina ibang lahina asawa .. pag sipunthan na jan . kulang pa sa batas safety yung mga tao kuraption malakas sa pinay buti nalang c pino hagan bunyag pa dapat tala e grill cla . kulang p sa kaalaman sa protection ng bansa. wala .baka unahan p kayo ng abusayap puna n jan Saudi. . kung napatunayan my ron . gawin batas tibayen n gunas topinas pag bayad sa advance n lugar gumawa pemado batas para yung apoh ko makinabang .

  165. diparaw pinag kaloub ang biyaya ng dios. gumawa muna ng batas n matibay at tama bago trabahuin yan kc politico nanaman makinabang mga tagaluzon panama palagui grabe politico kurakot.. pwd yan concreate muna ang batas n . panalo yan para sa apo ko

    • I hope so totoo yan, pero ung nkaimbento ng water fuel di nila pinansin na tlagang naipakita sa publiko yan pa kya… kya di tau umuunlad dahil sa wlang pag kakaisa ung mga nka upo sa gobyerno kramihan sa knila mkasarili.

  166. Iyan napakagandang blessing ng pilipino,pero anong ginagawa ng lipunan natin,ang problima ito ang isang pangolong mag oompisa ay naisip na pag siya,sinibak na sa puesto sino ang makikinabang ng kanyang prohikto diba eh yong sususnod na oopo na prisedinte,kaya ayaw nilang paki alaman iyan,pero ko tutuosin ay pakinabang din nang ating bansa ang lahat na magagawa nila,mawala man sila sa mundo may nagawa na silang mabuti sa bansa natin,tulad ng mga prisedinteng mga na una,na walang nagawa sa bayan wala din silang kwintang mga tao,pang sarili lang din ang kanilang ginawa sa bansa natin,


  168. I doubt this.. elementary palang ako nabalitaan ko na itong about deuterium na ang sabi ay makapagpapayaman sa Pinas.. lagpas 15 years na ang lumipas wala parin..hanggang information lang. Kung sino man ang nag-post nito palagay naman ng link kung saan nakuha.

  169. Isa ako sa mga kabayan nating pinoy na ang line ng work eh sa oil & gas, from shallow to deepwater oil exploration and production and I’m one of those who are aware.
    During Marcos administration eh mostly maraming government controlled corporations at isa na dito ang Phil Nat’l Oil Co. o PNOC. Pero noong mapa alis sa puwesto si Pres Marcos, mostly sa mga government controlled corporation ay na Privatized na and I knew na ang isa sa mga ito ay ang PNOC Energy Devt Corp na siyang dahilan kung bakit ang tinatangap ng Pilipinas sa Malampaya eh royalty fee insteed na profit sharing based on production.
    So in this regard sana magkaroon tayo ng totally wholly owned and controlled by our government na Oil & Gas Company with participation ng ating Filipino citizens as part ng Auditor ng international consortium and as well as internal Auditing na kung how much our share in terms of production, magkano ang kita ng ating government, saan at how the monetary income being spended sa mga government expenses at projects.
    But almost all our elected govt official eh kung paano sila ma retain in government position dahil maroon silang mga long term na pansariling interest na dapat protektahan.

  170. kelangan nating idevelop ito para sa ating sarili. we must be very wise in managing this awesoem reosurce that we have here in the Philippines. God really blesses this Land of ours so much. Lets all kneel and pray thanking the Lord our God for this. and may we be able to use it, develop it and manage it the ebst way we can to benefit the Filipino people. Amen

    • Dennis malaking mong pagkakamali,ang piliin mo si binaywala ka palang alam sa corruption ng favrt mong binay,another GMA yan,another J.Estrada . Pls be wise on picking up a candidate for president sana bigyan pa ng another term si pnoy para tuloytuloy ang asenso ng pilipinas, sa term ni pnoy nagumpisa g umunlad ang pilipinas, di agad ito mafeel ang effect,it will take several years .MBuhay!!

  171. noong 1986 p pl yan e hanggang ngayon d p nasisimulan (o itinatago s bayan pr cla lang ang makinabang s kanilang pakikipagsabwatan) tsk tsk tsk… mananatili n lang pangarap yan… kc juan dela cruz hanggang ngayon nkhiga p rin s ilalim ng punong bayabas habang nakanganga at naghihintay n malaglag ang hinog n prutas s kanyang bunganga pr manguya. D kagaya ni mr shoo lee n gumagawa ng sariling paraan pr makuha yon kahit s marahas n pamamaraan pr sa kapakinabangan ng kanyang bansa at c uncle sam nmn n patago kung bumanat pr d halata. wawa nmn tayo at ang mga susunod nating henerasyon kc yun mga taong dapat n manguna jan e wl nmn yatang ginagawa o talaga lang n kakaiba ang mga ginagawa.

  172. Hindi po biru-biro ang pagkakalantad ng discovery na ito na maraming deuterium deposits ang ating bansa dahil maaaring maglagay ito sa peligro para sa buong sambayanang pilipino. Dahil marami ang nakakaalam na pwede itong gamitin sa paggawa ng mga nuclear bombs kaya maraming mga bansa ang maghahangad na masakop tayo lalo na ang China.

  173. parang may nabasa ko somewhere na ang problema sa pag harness ng deuterium ay yung piping. Sa lalim nung kinukuhanan, pumuputok ang pipe bago pa makarating yung hard water sa surface…

  174. Kaya pala marami nag kaka interes sa bansa natin pilippinas , ang China, at Malaysia kung pag aaralan pa ito mabuti maari nga ikakaunlad natin ito. Sana bigyan ito ng pansin ng ating gobyerno at Sana huwag ang pang saring interest lang para sa ikakaunlad ng bansang pilippinas.

  175. its amazing to now we have that here but our government is corrupt and for sure its only for them not for the people in the Philippines. God knows we need it but corruption, greedy and evil minded people will do everything for their own benefit. why I say so because every time there’s a calamity here in the Philippines and donations from other country will not reach to those who need it but to the pocket of the politicians from president to senator, congressman, mayor, barangay captain and etc.. Are evil people. money is all they want. its for there own benefit not for the people.

  176. This is old hat. The article cited came out in late 1986 in the midst of the euphoria over the EDSA Revolution. Everyone then was upbeat and thought that everything good was possible with the change of government. But this is now late 2013, and since then, nothing has been heard of about this issue. The practical question is: Is this even economically feasible? Does the technology to extract deuterium at such great depths (and extreme pressure) exists at present? If not, then for the moment at least, this is wishful thinking. At sea level (the zone where we humans mostly live), the atmospheric pressure is only 14.69 psi (1 atm) so the extreme pressure due to the mass of water at 3,000 meters depth is 681X greater. This is more than enough to crumple (by implosion) the hardest metal (for pipes, I presume). I am just a simple mind, so for now, I am just praying for a great mind out there to discover/invent/develop the practical technology needed for this awesome undertaking.

  177. but the problem is who can convert this things into something that can be used by the filipino people… we dont have enough technology for recovering this…dont tell me mga banyaga nanaman ang makaka benefit nito…


    • ang cycle ng abundant rain water ang mag replace ng mae extract na deutrium liqud without oxygen or the mass volume of sea water and fresh water world wide will contribute to a nonstop break down of deuterium hydrogen separating oxygen, utilization of product and immission of fuel to the atmosphere produce vapor which is environment friendly again convert to rain and falls to the ocean in vice versa, yan ang palagay ko, so the mauubos ang biyaya ng DIYOS na bigay sa at

  179. Economic miracle will happen to the Philippines but not this time. It is very important to know that Deuterium is in the Philippine deep and very abundant that will make the country rich and also benificial to the people. Extracting the deuterium in the 7 kms. depth is very expensive that most investors who are now in the afternoon of their lives are having second thoughts on the investments. It is still cheaper to buy the produced middle-east oil for the world market than extracting the deuterium.

  180. napakahaba na ng istorya nito … mahabang panahon nang pinag uusapan …,pero walang nangyayari… asan ? kailangan ba natin lagi ipangalandakan na mayaman ang pilipinas… sang ayon ako dito …pero preserve na lng ba to..? kaya maraming pilipino umalis sa bansa natin kc nga hanggang tuklas na lng … walang aksyon! marami tayong matatalino , tulad ng ehenyero, adogado, doktor, inventor ..payamanan na lng ba ? eh panu ung lumaki sa hirap…kelan natin malalasap ang yaman ng bansa? kapag wala ng pilipino na nasa sariling bansa? anu na ba ginawa ng mga pinuno ng bansa natin?asan sila? hindi naman natin pwedeng tuklasin ito kung walang tutulong na magagaling na bansa…. kelan? panahon na ! gising! bangun Pilpinas ! Simulan na ang nakatagong yaman na’to…! Upang hangga’t maaga eh maranasan naman ng mga katulad naming mahihirap na mamuhay sa sariling bansa…! mabuhay ka PILIPINAS !!!!!!!!!

  181. This was an old news. Many came and left, 30+ years have past and nothing happened, just some few oil being pump out that didn’t help much. I hope something is being done or being stalled by corruption.

  182. ……kung totoo man ito, sana may mag organize ng malakihang rally, parang sa PDAF, para kumilos na ang gobyerno at masimulan na ang proyektong ito, at malaman ng mga pangkaraniwang pilipino kung kung ano na talaga ang status patungkol dito, at if ever na matuloy ito, kailangang may representasyon palagi ang pangkaraniwang pilipino sa lahat ng aktibidades 24\7 para alam natin ang lahat ng kaganapan.

  183. Aray!! alam kong nabasa na ito ng mga TALAMAK na Gumagawa ng Batas. Siguro pinag iisipan na nila kung paanu nanaman ito ma Nanapoles … Hay Gising Taong Bayan… Sana Tutuo ito, Hirap na Hirap na kaming taong bayan na nanadidito sa ibayung dagat, kalaban na ang hirap at kasama pa ang masidhing lungkot ..

  184. Ang nasabing yaman ng pilipinas ay may takdang panahon na nakalaan nito upang mabuksan. walang sinumang makapagbukas nito kung hindi pa dumatarating nakatakdang panahon dahil ang mga namumuno sa ating lipunan ngyaon ay mga hangal at alipin ng kasamaan at kasakiman. wag kayong mabahala mga kapatid, dahil yan ay nakalaan para sa ating mga pilipino, darating ang mamumuno ng pantay-pantay gaya noong lumang panahon na pinangako ng ating panginoon. kahit magtulong tulong pa ang mga banyaga upang buksan ang nasabing yaman, wala silang magagawa kung walang basbas ng panginoon ng dahil napakalalim nyan. ang sinumang sumubok na buksan ang nasabing yaman na yan sa ngayon ay hindi magtagumpay dahil kung wala pa sa takdang oras hindi nila kayang abutin ang lalim nayan at expectation palang nila ang lalim wala pa silang exactong proweba na ganun kalalim yan. halos hindi na nga ma detect ng kanilang makinarya yan eh. wag kayong mabahala dahil nakatala sa kasaysayang banal na makukuha yan sa pagdating ng takdang panahon. alalahanin natin na si jesus ay babalik sa ika tatlong araw at siyay nangako na may susuguin siya na sumasaatin magpakailan man. ngunit ang bansa na kanyang paghaharian at pagtayuan ng kaharian ng dios ay maghirap muna ng marami at ang kanyang susuguin ay maghirap muna ng marami at itakwil ng mga tao. ang sabi nga ni Dr. Jose rizal ANG TANIMAN AY HANDA AT ANG LUPA AY DI BAOG ngunit hindi pa dumating ang takdang oras, maghintay pa tayo. si jesus ay may itinurong panahon din, kaya wag kayong mabahala, mag antay pa tyo ng takdang panahon.

  185. sana nga magagawa nang manga politico yan di nila bigyan pansin yan kasi sila di nahihirapan eh kaya maghintay tayo kung matutupad yan manga kababayan sana nga mangyari yan kundi man natin matikaman yan yong manga anak natin apo para di nila danasin ang hirap na dinadanas natin sa ngayon.

  186. Saudi Arabia’s income for the year 2012 is $330 Billion with a population of more than 4 million. Paano maging pinakamayaman ang pilipinas sa
    maaring $30 Billion na kikitain sa deuterium? TSK, TsK, …….needs more research I think…….

    • The $30 billion is only an estimated income from deuterium per se. The study does not even state about the GDP or GNP of the Philippines. The long term effect or impact in the economy of the Philippines is not even included in the article. What exactly are you referring about the income of the Saudi’s. Do you even realize the term ” income”? May be you need enlightenment, don’t hastily make a comment without even grasping the terms you are using. But assuming arguendo that the Saudi’s has an estimated income according to you of $330 annually. The question is when did the Saudi’s commence exporting crude oil? Everybody is using oil nowadays, every industry , factories , cars, space jets etc. Whereas the use of deuterium if ever is not yet established and has yet to be introduce in the global market so that its effect will be felt in the long run. That is what you call the long term effect. Therefore, if the deuterium will be use in all of the industries the same as that by utilizing the oil a.k.a as the black gold of the middle east countries, then the projected estimate of $30 Billion may increase more than that of the $330 billion of the saudi’s. Then that would make the Philippines the richest country in the whole world.

      • young nag estimate na 30 billion lang ang kikitain ng deuterium,l mali, ang liit naman, QUADRILLION YAN. naman hindi kasama ang nanakawin. baka sina enrili, estrada, bong at napoles ang estimator nyan…kahit pa tatanggapin nila yan 40-40-20%, hindi pa rin nila mabubuksan yan hangga’t hindi pa dumarating ang takdang panahon na itinakda ng panginoon…. uubusin lang pera nila sa gastos pag pinilit nila buksan yan.

  187. Things will only improve in the Philippines if we reinstate the GARROTE System for those among our local politicians and a FIRING SQUAD at Rizal Park for our National Politicians, our Senators and Congressmen who does not care a shit about our less privileged kababayans but willingly and knowingly sell our country, write off pur Patrimony to foreigners foremost of which are the Chinese and the many multinational corporations that impoverish us and rob our children of a sustainable future! Meantime Filipinos abroad bail out our leaders with their billions of dollars of remittances while our so-called leaders continue their inanity of plundering the Republic! Corruption is the biggest Catastrophe that we Filipinos endure. We need a Revolution, esp. that which begins in our inner selves.

  188. umpisahan na baka iba pang makinabang……tama ang sabi ng isa nating kababayan aanhin pa ang deuterium kung patay na at sobrang lugmok na ang mga pinoy……magiging katulad tayo ng KSA libre pag aaral at may allowance, malaki pension ng mga sinior citizens at malaki ang sahod ng mamamayang pinoy kesa sa mga banyaga…….

  189. this is already know to most of the ofw in middle east sine 1986 as well as the studying of technologies to be use by the americans but yet these investors could not sincerely come up with firmed action and implementations due to the unstable security, corruptive politics and and undevoted pilipino to their country. So wake up filipinos to help the country to be risen up again and be the no.1 country in the world and so the others will respect us as a filipino and not bullying of others country.

  190. sana kumilos ang gobyerno natin,eto na ang pagkakataaon nating mga PILIPINO,na kahit papaano makaangat na tayo, sa kahirapan ng buhay .lalo s mkatulad nming mga OFWs.bkit p kmi mangingibang bansa kung s pilipinas ay pwde n man pala taung umaangat at ng hnd n tau maging kawawa.sana masimuln na eto s madaling panahon.maraming naghihirap n PILIPINO sa labas at sa sarili nting bayan.may pag asa p pala taung mga pilipino.kaya ano pang hinihintay nyo .kumilos n kau mga taga pamahalaan,hwag n natin ito palalampasin bawat oras bawat minuto mahalaga.kalimutan na ung pagkamakasarili magtulungan na tayo, maraming salamat po.


    • ang aking katanungan,ano ba ang kapangyarihan ng bansa?para prot niktahan ang ating karagatan. noong mga nakaraang taon maysumadsad na submarine ng America sa may malapit ng Palawan. kong hindi sumadsad yon hindi na nalaman ng taong bayan na pinapasok tayo na walang permisyo.o bka naman linlangin lang tayo ng amerika saka marami ng sangay ng gobyerno nma beninta para sa private.sabi ng china nabili ko na to.sabi ng amerika hindi ako papayag..

  191. In the 50′s and 60′s we were once the envy of south korea and many countries because of our vast and rich natural resources. all those resources are gone exploited by multinational corporations in cahoots with our corrupt government and the people remain poor. again, we are told that we are very rich because of deuterium. it is another LIE. if ever this so-called deuterium is actually used as fuels…only the corrupt government officials, bankers and corporations will enjoy it. the filipino people will only be used as laborers. As Digong Duterte says: “the system is shot” Unless, the filipino people change the system.

  192. we the filipino people were not made aware of that important discovery. we dont know for now if that is already working. if it is so, then this is again a napoleslike issue. those who are in power must disclose this, otherwise we are being deprived of our own property while somebody are enjoying it without our knowledge.

    • Of course the Pilipino people will not aware of such discovery, you know why, the crocs (Buwaya) in phil government will start thinking how to profit money form this discovery for OWN INTEREST (CORRUPT). Simple is that. Kadidiskubre palang, ang mga BUWAYA sa ating pinakamamahal na government nag isip na kung papano magkapera for their own interest, Hindi ba natin napuna hanggang ngayon parang wala pa rin akong nakita na EVERY SINGLE FILIPINO PEOPLE WILL EAT THE SAME FOOD AS RICH PEOPLE DOES. Like other country. Example in Australia, walang waitawag na pulubi. Just compare this, sa Australia. A Cleaner in a fastfood/mall and a Prime Minister- Pareho sila makakain sa Burger King and drive its own vehicle medyo mas maganda syempre ang sa prime minister. In Philippines, Cleaner and si Mayor, makakain ba ang cleaner anytime sa Burger King, hindi kasi sayang expensive for them, pero si mayor of course anytime kasama pa bodyguard. Paano natin maiahun ang milyong eskuwater sa Philippines ? I thinks it too late if our president is very slow to remove and punish all those corrupt and give the money back to the people. Gaya ng yaman ni kapal ng mukha ni NAPOLES- return the money back to the people.

    • Yes…27 years ago. Tinulugan na ito dahil ayaw ng mayayamang bansa ng langis na mangyaring matabunan ang kanilang product ng langis. Twenty seven years ago…ano na nga ba ang nangyari ditto? Narinig ko na ito marahil ay may early 1990s pa.

  193. disiplina ang kailangan.

    ang japan ay walang likas na yaman pero masipag at may disiplina kaya may maliwanag na kinabukasan.

    ang pilipino masipag din tapos matalino may tiyaga pero hindi handa ibuwis ang buhay para sa bayan.

    ang mga mambabatas (lahat ng pulitikong) na binigyan ng kapangyarihan at katong kulan ay madaling nabulag sa yaman ng bayan.

    lahat ng na halal at nalukluk sa ating pamahalaan ay matatalino pero madaling madaig sa yaman ng mundo.

    sino bang hindi gusto na mamuhay ng sapat na kadalasan na uuwi sa ating pagiging inseguridad, kaya tuloy hahakutin ang lahat dahil bulag na sa yamang di naman sa kanya.

    deuterium o wala nito, dati ng mayaman ang mga pilipino.

    ang totoong yaman ay hindi materyal o kapangyarihan.

    pananalig sa may kapal na sanay araw-araw gabayan ang isipan na gumawa ng kabutihan sa mga taong hindi mo kilala at hindi ka masusuklian.

  194. Lumang balita na to, Deuterium has been topic of conversation within pinoy crusts and pop culture inside and outside of the country since the early 50s. The reason kung bakit hindi uusad ito is plain and simple, hindi pa mature ang technology to maximize the resource for commercial use globally. Ganun lang ka simple yun.

    “Deuterium and Hydrogen Fuel is the final and lasting hope of the Filipino People and the Government to be great again. This untapped source of energy supply will make the Philippines one of the richest country in the world.”

    Pie in the sky statement

  195. If the Philippine government officials look into this. But the way they allowed other countries get patents for little things such as products produced or grown in the Philippines as well as their not even supporting their athletes and inventors, perhaps they are just interested on how to protect and establish their control on how to make the most out of the billions of dollars that the millions of Filipino OFW’s send home every month. The Philippines is already making US$30 Billion out of the 5,000,000 Filipino OFW’s, or more, who are sending home an average US$ 500 every month. All politicians need to do is to make Philippines even worse so that more Filipinos leave to send home more money. Then those politicians just protect their positions so that their share in the plundering will continue. They will wait for foreign countries to secretly take control of those Deuterium sources. Then more Filipinos will be hired to work in another country to process and market the product and each sending home another US$ 500 a month profit for the Philippines. Sadly, that’s what Filipinos are made up of.

    The only thriving companies in the Philippines are those who sell (and unbelievably overpriced) food products, mobile phone credits (or loads), cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, construction supplies, fossil fuel products and perhaps educational institutions that cater to the needs of the 90,000,000 people who are still in the Philippines (probably more than half are jobless). The only things that are cheaper in the Philippines are alcoholic drinks and education, the latter although the quality is declining but still better as compared to the neighboring countries. The better quality of the education system and being used to be under the control of colonization are two of the many reasons why Filipinos can keep and handle their job responsibilities, skill-wise, as well as cope with the adversities of working in foreign lands.

    Those early leaders who insisted independence from the US made the wrong decision. Or did they? Would it be that they also had the same agenda as the present leaders do?

  196. Why is not discussed by the government?
    What are they waiting for?
    We have expertise in this area as Filipino engineers are working in LNG projects all over the world. .
    If this project will happen, think of the many families that will be benefitted.

  197. this s the first time that i have read this article, and if this is true,why the hell, the govt. of the republic of the philippines was not able to push through with this gigantic investment project,,i dont really know whats the problem with our government.

  198. is this an imagenary or truth………….why philippine govt is so silent about this……………start now……….1986 was far away from 2013……..are we dreaming????????act now…….

  199. This is already a long back story, SCOSA is the main contractor way back more than 2 decades ago, the only thing we could presently do is to PRAY to the Lord God for this matter to be happend very soon, so that all selfish Government officials will also have their benefits for them not to do any corruption to the Filipino people.

  200. I still remembered when late President Ferdinand Marcos in his speech state of the nation address the Philippines can be great again because of these vast and richest natural resources specially deuterium deposits,but the biggest problem most of our political leaders and other government agencies were the most corrupt public officials in the universe ,that’s why our beloved country philippines remain one of the poorest country in asia today because too much corruption ,too much politics ,too much padrenos ,too much palakasan,and too much bata bata system

  201. I agree to the editor of this article, but one thing is, if this natural deposit will be handled by a corrupt government official, all of this are nonsense.
    I hope this things will materialized so we Filipino oil and gas personnel will go back to our home land and work on it.

  202. Wow!! ang yaman pala nang Pinas-Dapat buong pilipino ay may karapatan malaman kung gaano pala tayo kayaman.
    Sana nga pinahalagahan ang ating yaman para naman walang hirap at gutom ang ating kababayan.Para sa ikakaunlad ng mamayan at sa ating Bansa.
    I realy amaze to know gaano tayo kayaman
    Sana ang lahat ng kaalamang ito ay may aksyun ,Pagmamahal sa atibg bansa tungo sa ikakaunlad ng pilipinas.

  203. ako ay nasisiyahan sa artikolong ito,sana ito ay mabasa at makita ni pinoy upang wala ng lalabas sa ating bansa at wala ng maghihirap na ma-upgrade na natin ang ating sandatahang lakas sa pinaka hightech na level upang matakot naman ang mga mapang aping mga bansa sa atin.

  204. the theory presented is quite flawed. deuterium is not formed because oxygen is released under pressure below the ocean. deuterium is a hydrogen isotope, meaning it has one neutron compared to a regular hydrogen which has no neutrons at all. you cannot add one neutron by releasing oxygen atom. you can form deuterium by bombarding a hydrogen nucleus with a neutron rich source. can that happen under the ocean? i don’t think so.


  206. Antagal n pla bat hindi p binubungkal yan! Pumanaw n c Cory at marami nang nagdaang administrasyon, bkit hndi ito ang pagtuunan ng pansin. Planado n at jan n lhat ng necessities, ano pang hnhintay? Ngaun silaw n silaw n mga chikwa…..mahirap ng maunderstimate tau at ang sandatahang lakas ng pinas ng malalaking bansa!

  207. If this is the solution for the Filipinos AND THE GOVERNMENT TO BE GREAT again, how come this project did not materialize ? No more hungry people, no more criminals, no more corrupt politicians, no more OFW’s who will be mistreated and killed in other countries. To the people who can make this project into a reality, God bless you and thank you for making the Philippines great place to live again.

  208. I was only in my Elementary years when I first heard about this Deuterium resources embedded in the Philippine seas. I am now 40, and this is the first time I ever heard of it again. You would think with this rich resources and opportunities that can benefit not only the Philippines but the entire world with its clean energy production, the country would have been the Dubai now. I don’t know why this is not happening. Can the proponent elaborate what has taken place as far as the progress of this project since 1986 to the present. I would like to know what hinders the project and where we are at or will it even ever happen.

    • It takes a while to implement such big needs investors to capitalize on funding this humungous project.just hope the corruption stops then..not sure but give the chance to filipino in the phils to have first priority on jobs.then pinoys abroad to return to their homeland and reunite with families.then the forein experts.

  209. wow! boung Pilipinas sana magkaisa na para maisulong ang pag unlad ng ating bayan. Tama na ang pag kanya kanya, simulan nating lahat kung paano tayo makatulong na maisakatuparan at mabilisan na magkaroon ng produksyon ng DEUTERIUM para umunlad ang ating bansang Pilipinas. Mabuhay!

  210. This can be done only with the political will of our president with the whole- hearted help of honest officials who believe in the project and ultimately with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. So, i urge all Filipinos to start praying. This must be the hope of our grand children, living in a debt free countrywhere we can be proud of.

  211. If the Philippines really have this much resources and wealth underneath the deep blue sea, I praise God, the Lord Almighty and Savior of Earth for endowing the Philippines this hidden fortune that shall convert our poor country into a progressive and productive state. God is Good and Powerful!

  212. When can be happened that philippines will be the most riches country in the whole world.So if it happens can be ofw will never work abroad,stay in our counrty and work there…hopefully can be realized in the near future….thank you for posting this link.More power…….

    • Palagay tayong mga Pilipino ang dapat magbigay ng aksyon.. marami tayong dalubhasang engeeners ang problema lang fund.. palagay ko if mag.iinvest tayo for that proposal we can do it by our own people in own land :) let us create group of Pilipino investors to create fund and hire our own professionals.

  213. dapat tangapin na ang sharing scheme 40-40-20 % ng philippines government parang maumpisahan sa madaling panahon.,sana bigyan ng tingin sa ating mahal na pangulo ng pilipinas Noynoy Aquino Jr,Parang mahain na tayo sa kahirapan at kalamidad,at parang hindi na tayo tawagin ng mga ALIPIN sa mga BANYAGA.

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