Crimson Gem Saga Skill Tree

I’ve played a lot of Role Playing Games (RPG) but nothing can be compared to Crimson Gem Saga by Atlus USA, Inc.

It is about a story of a young Chevalier named Killian who is always placed at the second place when competing with Herbert von Guterrian. He always put himself in danger to save other unlike his rival. Later in the game, he will join forces with Spinel, a thiefmage and consider herself as a treasure hunter.

What is special to this game is the skill tree system which lets you learn a certain special move or attack that will affect the outcome of your whole play. With proper strategy and progress, you can definitely defeat your opponents in no time. You can learn one move by revealing it first then finally, by completing it. To save you from guessing, look at the charts / pictures / graphics below.

My best advice? Learn the PASSIVE skills of the characters you are using first and concentrate on multiple hits skill since combo attacks are useless and seems weak to me. Concentrating on killing a single enemy first is a good strategy as well.

I’ll try to create my own FAQ later and if you have any suggestions, opinions, feel free to post them below.

Credits goes to them, not mine

3 thoughts on “Crimson Gem Saga Skill Tree

  1. did you know its possible to beat this game with out upgrading your spells even one time.. i found this out because i didn’t even know it was possible to upgrade spells until the very end of the game.. i survived by buying new weapons and running away. lol originally i just thought the game was extremely hard but not impossible to beat..


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