Cubepoints Bugfix 2

Cubepoints 3.2.1 Temporary Bugfix in Add Points Module Using WordPress 3.5

When WordPress released 3.5, our core plugin, Cubepoints, started to behave differently.

  • It won’t add points.
  • It won’t display donate box.
  • It won’t show give us cheddar cheese! (enough joke. ^^)

This post is intended to bypass Add points module by using a simple browser addon. (I do not consider this as a hack but this is useful to administrators who are adding points to each of their members individually.)

  1. Use Web Developer plugin by chrispedereck (it is compatible with Chrome and Firefox)
  2. Restart your browser and visit your Cube Points Add Points module (
  3. CSS > Disable Styles > Disable All Styles (Shortcut ALT+SHIFT+A)
    1. Now, you can see the form needed to add points. See illustration below.

      Cubepoints Bugfix 1

      Cubepoints Bugfix 1

  4. However, this is not enough because we need to reveal another secret field that will define the user ID of the username we want to add or subtract points. To do this, select Forms > Display Form Details. If you followed my instruction correctly, you should have the same screen shot below.

    Cubepoints Bugfix 2

    Cubepoints Bugfix 2

  5. Simply add the user ID in cp_add_points_update_form_id (this is a NUMBER field, not string. You need to go to Users wordpress module to manually grab the user id of the person you want to modify his or her points.)
    1. (679 is the user id!)
  6. Fill up _form_points and _form_description then press Update Points button to modify points.

But if you are in a hurry, you can always go to Cubepoints > Manage module to simplify the steps above. (You might have to wait a little longer if you have a large number of users.)

Technical Analysis:

  • In my personal point of view, the first objective of add points module is to get the user ID of the person who might want by the administrator to modify his or her points. But in this bug, the system still displays list of user BUT fails to retrieve the user ID from the following step.

Hopefully, we hope that everything will be fixed by the release of a new update from Cubepoints team that will be 100% compatible with WordPress 3.5

What do you think?

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